Grade 4 & 5 ESA: the Young Artists Group mural painting begins!

Mr. Reed’s new ESA has begun: the Young Artists Group. The Young Artist Group for trimester 2 consists of Grace, Wonkyung, Meg, Lente, Yein, and Wenyu. These girls will be creating a new outdoor mural which will be painted on the side of the Inge building where the picnic tables are.

The objective is to create a mural which depicts the most common outside-of-class activies among all YIS students: the things students do before school, during recess, break, lunchtime, and after school. The six girls polled numerous students from elementary, middle, and high school so as to determine exactly what it is that our children and teenagers do when not in class. Now the girls are in the process of creating images which represent those most common activities and of learning exactly how to transfer these images into life-size pictures to be painted on the wall.

More to follow!