Our Young Artists Exhibit

The annual YIS Elementary School Art Exhibition has begun!

DATE & TIME: Saturday February 12 – Sunday February 21, 9:30-17:00 daily.

VENUE: Bluff No.111, adjacent to the fountain across the main street from Yokohama International School, is a Western-style house & cafe with a dedicated room for the exhibition of our students’  artwork.

This exhibition is part of the Yokohama Yamate Art Festival and includes the artwork of students from several schools in the Yamate area, each exhibiting at a different venue. All are welcome to visit our young artists’ exhibition and to view the energy, efforts, and two- & three-dimensional creativity of the 93 Kindergarten through Grade 5 artists whose artworks are on display.


CC BY-NC-ND 3.0: Aaron Reed & Nanako Yamaguchi

CC BY-NC-ND 3.0: Aaron Reed & Nanako Yamaguchi

The 1st Annual YIS Staff + Parent Art Exhibition

On Friday April 26th in the YIS library, students, teachers, and parents celebrated and enjoyed the first annual YIS Staff + Parent Art Exhibition. With refreshments generously provided by the PTSA and live music and vocal performances by some of our high school students, the gathered enjoyed viewing the many and varied pieces of creative work displayed by members of the adult school community.

With over 20 teacher, staff, and parent artists contributing to the show, the exhibition included a wide variety of materials and genres. During the opening night and the week-long exhibition that followed, visitors viewed works of painting, drawing, photography, ceramics, quilting, various mixed-media — as well as two digitally-based artworks, one illustration and the other a real-time, Skype-based documentary piece. Some artists exhibited their work for sale, with proceeds going to the One Yen Drive charity, and we are still in the process of collecting and counting these receipts.

As co-organizer of the exhibition, I would like to thank my partner-in-art, our head librarian Rita Kar who so generously offered her library space for the show. I would also like to thank Leanne Erickson, our Head of Arts Department, for her invaluable advice, as well as Brad Johnston and his very talented music students, and Alison Curtis, Joy Eckhoff, and the amazing PTSA members who provided the wonderful drinks and hors d’oeuvres for our opening night.

Next year’s 2nd Annual Staff + Parent Art Exhibition is only 347 days away, so don’t hesitate to start in on those long-simmering creative ideas.

Enjoy some scenes from the opening night: