Kindergarten transforms photography to create expressive self-portraits

The kindergarteners have experienced creating many different types of self-portraits this year — drawing, painting, collage, sculpture — and recently we added photography to our palette of media. After talking about expression and the expressing of feelings with bodies and facial expressions, the students each had his/her photo taken with a particular expression on his/her face.

Once printed, each student transformed the photograph into a work of art expressing that feeling with colors and lines and shapes. Using oil pastels and having discussed various ways — better and worse — to apply the the pastel colors, the students were given total independence in how they developed these new self-portraits.

After completing the pictures, the students mounted them on the back of their (very different) collaged self-portraits which they created back in semester 1. These new, double-sided self-portraits are now on view in the K-1 building kindergarten hallway… come see!

Here are the students at work: