Typhoon 18 & Art

Hi boys & girls,

Because of the typhoon, some of you (1S, KB, 3L, 5B, 4N, plus the Young Artists Group ESA students) will be missing your art class today. I’m certainly sorry about that!

If you’re interested in doing some art today, check the Online Art Resources up at the top of this page — let me know which ones you like or don’t like.

Stay inside and safe today, but don’t forget to look out the window too and see how the environment around you — the sky, trees, land, plants — looks different during a big storm such as this. And listen to the sounds! Did you ever try to draw a sound? An artist named Arthur Dove tried to paint sounds! Look at his painting below and try to guess what sound this is (you can write a comment below if you have an answer):

This artwork may be protected by copyright. It is posted on the site in accordance with fair use principles.

See you soon,

Mr. Reed

Young Artists Group ESA propose a new mural for Y.I.S.

After finishing their first mural (check it out here), the ten young artists who participate in the Young Artists Group ESA began preparing for their next visual adventure, another effort to increase the on-campus art here at YIS.  The chosen space is the wall at the bottom of the outdoor stairway leading from the ES level up to the main building and library.

It should be noted that there has been an existing mural on the wall which was made some years back by YIS students (a number of whom are still here at school!). The existing artwork had some simple colors — early green and brown with a light blue sky above — painted on the concrete wall, as well as many colorful ceramic sculptures adhered to the wall to evoke a landscape.

The young artists decided to incorporate these clay sculptures into their new landscape idea, and so the ceramic pieces have been left intact. But what was needed was to start fresh with a so-called clean slate (or at least, a white concrete wall). And so part of our Session 3 ESA time was spend painting the wall with a permanent white paint, being careful not to cover the existing sculptures. The other part of our ESA time together was spent addressing the big challenge before us: What new image will we paint on the wall?

Realizing that the wall is part of our entire school and is for the enjoyment of the entire school community (students, teachers, parents, staff, and our visitors) the young artists had many discussions about what would be appropriate to represent. We focused the mural as a landscape with Japan as a theme, including incorporating a traditional Japanese pattern, and then — after much brainstorming and back and forth — finally voted for the five most important ideas to represent in the mural: Mt. Fuji, sakura, shinkansen, ocean waves, and cats & kittens.

The artists split themselves into two groups, and each produced a proposed illustration of what the mural might look like. Each group then created their own presentation, rehearsed it, and filmed it. The presentations and illustrations have been submitted to our director, Mr. MacDonald, along with all the principals and head administrators, and we are now awaiting their feedback.

You will have to wait until next year to see the outcome and watch the mural develop. In the meantime, above are some pictures of the young artists at work along with each group’s proposed illustration and their video presentations (see above).

The Young Artists Group has finished its first mural!

After months of brainstorming, research, surveying students, drawing, cutting, tracing the images directly on the Inge Building wall, and finally painting the “shadows”, the Young Artists Group has finally completed its first mural.

These pretend “shadows” represent students engaged in their favorite out-of-class activities — playing basketball, reading, talking with friends, eating snacks, and running around and playing tag — which they determined after interviewing students of all ages earlier in the year.

Now the Young Artists Group is back at work, coming up with a new idea for a new mural… coming soon to a wall near you!

4th & 5th ESA artists on the verge of painting their first mural!

After weeks of brainstorming, research, surveying students, drawing, and cutting, the Young Artists Group is on the verge of painting their new mural on the side of the Inge Building. This past week, the six girls composed their life-size stencils of the bodies on the wall and carefully traced them on the bricks with permanent markers, in preparation for painting them next week. These young artists are getting excited about finally painting their mural (and now realizing why it took so long to get to this point!).

The Young Artists Group and the new Y.I.S. mural

The girls of the Young Artists Group ESA — Grace, Wonkyung, Meg, Lente, Yein, and Wenyu — have been hard at work for several weeks preparing to paint the new mural which will begin to appear soon on the side of the Inge Building.

The mural will depict some of the most common outside-of-class activies among YIS students: the things students do before school, during recess, break, lunchtime, and after school. The six girls observed and surveyed a number of young people from elementary, middle, and high school so as to determine exactly what it is that our students do when not in class.

Most of the images that girls selected and created have been transformed into life-size paper stencils which will allow the girls to transfer their design to the brick wall. Soon, after tracing the body shapes onto the bricks, they will begin painting them. And slowly you will see appear some “shadows” on the side of the Inge Building — be on the lookout for them!