Online art resources – This artist’s channel is filled with tons of great videos teaching how to draw, especially manga! – From a young artist, Liza, who hopes to be an art teacher one day. – A terrific YouTube channel to help children learn to draw various different cartoon. Thank you to Ophelia for finding this site! – A great website dedicated to learning to draw animals. Thank you to Yoshna in Grade 2 for mentioning this site! – This is a time-lapse video of the making of a paper-mache Smaug, the dragon from Lord Of The Rings! Grade 3, 4, and 5 students know how to construct with cardboard, tape, and paper mache. – Star Wars snowflake designs. These are challenging! – This fantastic website will help children to draw many of their favorite characters. Thank you again to Yoshna in Grade 2 for mentioning this site! – Frozen snowflakes, Star Wars snowflakes, and many more things to make (including Lego birthday party ideas) – Here’s a simple way for children to try their hand at graffiti without the mess, the fumes, or the legal consequences. – This site demonstrates how to make many different paper airplanes, which seem to be a favorite among many ES students! – An interactive way to explore the artwork in one of the United States’s premier modern art museums. – Try this visually intricate way of drawing digitally. (Thanks to Josh in Grade 5!) – Here’s a site with some perplexing optical illusions. – You can use math to make art here. – An online painting program that allows you to select a brush and color, and paint away. You can view the paintings of other visitors as well as e-mail your painting to others. – Create pictures using patterns that you create with buttons, pointing and clicking. – A site where you can teach yourself cartooning. – Shows various types of origami that you can make. – Various photo-editing effects you can do to your own photos. – This online multi-user whiteboard allows children to make simple drawings and share them digitally. – Check out these optical illusions and then try to make one of your own. – Allows you & your child to explore the elements and principles of art with short animations. – An online drawing/painting board with a distinctly “Jackson Pollock” drip effect, allowing children to make images not only using a mouse/pad but also by using the webcam and microphone. – Here’s an example of how to make a 3-D sculpture using only one piece of paper, scissors, tape, and a stapler. – With AnimateStar kids can learn the basics of animation using a 40 frame easy to use interface. Animations can be as short as 2 frames or as long as 40 frames. Kids can save too! – Teaches you to create a photo-drawing in Photoshop – All the E.S. students were very taken with the realistic illustrations and compelling story in the book Chalk, which Mr. Reed shared with all the classes from kindergarten up to 5th grade.  Here, Chalk‘s author and illustrator, Bill Thomson, shares the story behind the making of his book. – Carve a pumpkin online.

HOW TO DRAW A NOSE – When drawing portraits, the one thing that seems to be very challenging to children is drawing noses. This short video will demonstrate one way to remember how:

Younger children may need parental or older sibling assistance to interact with some of these resources.


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