September 23

WEEK 5 (19th – 23rd September)

WEEK5 (19th – 23rd September)

We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves. Dalai Lama

This week we celebrate INTERNATIONAL PEACE DAY. This is an important occasion that allow our students to understand and make connections about the world around them. On the 21st of September we think about the importance of peace and how we choose to be peacemakers instead of peacebreakers. We have shared stories from around the world, we have read personal stories, we have made our conclusions and written our own understandings. We have linked this beautifully to our UOI on conflict and resolution.

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On Wednesday we used some of the ideas we have been learning in class to draw our personal understandings about PEACE and the effect of our ACTIONS. Here are the students responses:


What does PEACE means to me?

ANNETTE I think peace means everyone working together to achieve their goals. A world full of peace, no conflict of any kind( disagreements, arguments, violence, war…). A peaceful world is a happy world. With unity, we can have peace and harmony, like in choir. There will be a nice happy world.
TRUITT In my opinion, peace a world where everybody achievements their goals and hopes. No war, no violence, no bad changes, no arguments. A calm and quiet world with freedom. No sign of conflict, violence, death , of bad decisions. If we unite together, we can have harmony and peace and even better things. There will be happy and peaceful world of different people. There will be a graceful world.
WILLIAM To me peace means  people don’t argue or have conflicts and are friendly to each other. It also means everybody has their own rights to do things and are free. I think that it means to me when people are nice to each other and countries don’t have war and instead they solve the problem by talking it out together.
RACHEL In my opinion, peace is the opposite of war and it is calm and quiet with no fights or arguments. Peace is like sugar, it is sweet and soothing. Peace means friendship and happiness. A world without peace would be a world of war and death. Peace gives freedom and joyfulness. Peace is great.
EMIL I believe peace means no fighting or grumpiness. It means friendship fairness a world without war. Peace is hope and belief.  
KOHKI I think peace means calm and nice. I imagine rainbows as a sign for peace. Peace for me also means that it is very quiet and nobody is moving. I think peace means very happy and with shining light. I think the color for peace is yellow and orange. I think that peace is a time where there are no fights and argument between people.
KAE For me peace means that there is no fights,arguments,disagreements and war and thing like more. Peace means Happiness like nice thing no violent  things. People that have nice hearts can make a lot of peace. Peace is supposed to be silence not confusion and wars.
NAOTO For me peace is very important thing because you can solve a problem that is about conflict. Peace means for me is make less fight and make everyone happy. I think peace means a way to solve anythings that is bad and makes it good. Also peace means for mean is the most important thing in your life. For me peace is the way to respect others and be happy with them and yourself
KENTA Peace means that there is no fight and everyone is kind to each other. You don’t have conflict with others. If there is no peace then war happens but if there is peace war or fight cant happen.
MINORI I think the peace means caring people and think in a good ways and when people did something wrong you don’t care about it and say nice stuff to people. And when people are fighting you could stop that conflict and make everyone happy. No argument and say mean stuff and excluding people the peacemaker says something really nice.
ZHANSAYA I think that peace means to me that when there is no conflict or issue.I think that peace is when everyone is happy and positive.I feel like to have peace there should be people who are open minded and caring,People that try to make a difference about conflict and try to make everyone happy
CHAE YOON To me peace means to me that you really care about your self and other. It can also mean to me about the things I do like, thinking about what you just had said to your friends or families. I also think peace is a good thing and the opposite of Conflict which can be wars, Arguments, or disagreement with other people around you or in between 2 big groups of people.
MAITE Peace means to me that there is no war and
I think peace means, harmony, and that there is no conflicts. It means fairness, caring, being open minded, and thinking of others. I think that peace, is every positive thing together. Peace can only happen when everybody is nice/kind, caring, principled and open minded.
JUNGEUN I think peace means to not hurt someone and happy with people. You can not hurt people or feelings.But, you can share your happiness with your family, friends, or some other people by being kind, caring, and open minded. So I think peace means caring.
CHAHEL I think that peacemaker means to me that other people help the world to make it good and make the world save. As well it means to me as well they are doing their best to have right of other people.  
RIKA Peace means to me that many people having a fun time. I can only see kind people, caring people. I feel like it’s spring and green grass. I can see people laughing, talking to friends. It’s like a surface with only fair people. There is no one who judges people or mean person. There is so many people who is open-minded.
Niels Peace to me means that you don’t have any conflict with other people. Peace also means to me that I can see people taking care of other people like picking them up when they fall. Peace can mean many things but to me another thing that peace represents to me is that you can not judge anyone from how they look or act because peace usually starts with yourself and if you want peace around you, you have to be peaceful too.
DAAN I think peace means that there is no conflict going on. Peace also means that most people are happy or joyful. Peace also means that everyone has a positive relationship. Peace also means that everyone is positive and that everyone is calm.
FELIX I think peace means we have the conflict and we solve it, and become friends with the people who has conflict with you, and be friendly and nice to  


We are very excited to be completing our Personal Narratives and we are really looking forward to sharing our work with Grade 6 students. Middle School students will be assisting us to make changes to our work and they will be providing us with feedback on what we have done well and what we can improve next time. Here is one example of our Personal Narratives. We have added a graphic elements – great creativity has been shown.




We have had an exciting week working with data and statistical investigations. We are about to conclude our study and the students have designed their own inquiries into issues of concern in our school and explore the possibility of change. We look forward to seeing the results.



The main goal of the project we are involved in is to get some information about something important that happens in our school. Then, you need to carry out a survey, and then you will need to analyze and draw conclusions from the data collected and represented.

Question: What kinds of teachers do the students like in elementary school at YIS?
Issue of Interest Tally Marks Frequency
HUMOROUS I I I I   I I I I    I I I 13

This step is for you to work out what is the best graph to use to represent your findings. Use spreadsheets to represent your data by selecting the best possible graph. When completed copy and paste it to this sheet.


Here you need to analyse your graph and record  what the graph is showing and ask yourself why this is happening? For example, what is the most common form of conflict within the playground, what makes people disagree easily and over what?

  Most students like humorous teachers because these kinds of teachers make you laugh and smile. A mix of boys and girls chose this kind of teacher because this is a neutral thing. It is a thing that girl and boys like. Not like not a lot of girls like soccer and a lot of boys like soccer. I think that a some students like creative teachers because they have original ideas that can help you learn a lot better than non-creative teachers that make learning a living mess.      

With this step, we finish our project. This is the last step, but also, the most important point of our work and the reason for which we have carried out the surveys. It is the moment of drawing conclusions on what you have learnt and how in school we deal with it. Looking at the tables we have made, we need to summarize the information, these tables contain only with two or three sentences, that is to say, only with the information we consider more important.

 I think this is because these teachers make their work fun even when it is challenging. I think this is because people are used to funny and humorous teachers and when they have a strict one they have to get adjusted to them so for the first part of they school year they don’t like their teacher. I think this is because the teachers don’t know a lot about the students and the school but also because we get to get new experiences.   think some people like creative people because they can develop original ideas and fun learning. Maybe some people don’t like creative teachers because they talk a lot.I believe that people like experienced teachers because they know a lot about teaching and can communicate better with the students and fellow teachers.

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