October 21

WEEK 9 (17th – 21st October)

WEEK9 (17th – 21st October)

As we come to the end of this term we can reflect on our achievements, challenges, and difficulties of being a bit older and in a new grade. We should all feel very proud of what we have achieved and how much we have grown. Each student has been able to gain new knowledge and use it effectively in all areas of school work. There have been many highlights this term, from our Day at the Park, to our Sharing our work with Middle School, to our Grade 5 Camp and the list goes on…….


Our unit on Measurement (time) has been challenging and we have moved from looking at how we measure time, what tools we use to measure time and we have asked the question of why do we measure time. We have completed a Pre-Assessment and also we have developed ideas about using timetables and how we can determine elapsed time.




Each student has finished the study by creating their own inquiries by designing their own timetables and using local sources of transport and looking at issues in our community and how people use transport, entertainment, and the local environment.



Our book club setting has continued to evolve very well and each group has been able to maintain great conversations and has focussed on developing clear ideas by using each of the given Reading Strategies selected for this study.


We have used a number of visuals to add more meaning to our learning. We are now moving to book two of our study.



We have looked at the structure of the informational text and also we have looked at the language features that an expository text needs to have to make it an effective informational piece of writing. Each student has analyzed different texts and have worked in groups to identify structure and language. Now we are going to look more specifically into how to write an informative piece ourselves by using the learning that is taking place in our current UOI unit.



As part of our study we are focusing on developing our research skills so, we can feel confident about using different primary and secondary sources of information. Our Librarian has been very helpful in providing us with a number of great online tools to find information about our inquiries into inventions and inventors.



In groups, the students have been looking at how things evolve and what are the changes that take place in the evolving cycle of things. We have looked at how the wheel has changed over a period of time and what has been added in order to make the wheel more operational and effective.



October 13

WEEK 8 (9th – 13th October)

WEEK8 (9th – 13th October)

A wonderful week for a number of reasons. We had a lovely opportunity to share our learning and take a leading role at expressing our strengths and look at next steps in our learning. We used a basic format to share with our parents – STRENGTHS and NEXT STEPS. Each student was able to describe their learning with great confidence and accuracy. Some students chose their mother tongue to share their ideas with their parents.

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What a wonderful experience for us all. We had lots of fun and we were able to learn many new things from the local environment and from those who took great care of us for the week. Each English Adventure counselor was full of enthusiasm and had great knowledge of what they were doing.

Each day was full of fun activities, from hiking, to rock climbing, to kayaking to arts and crafts and cooking. Each student became part of the daily cooking and preparation of food.

This was a wonderful experience for 5S students. We have all become better people and learners because of this experience.

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Name What was the greatest CHALLENGE you faced during camp? What was your PROUDEST moment at camp? How have you become a BETTER person and student because of this camp?
ANNETTE The greatest challenge that I faced was climbing at the climbing wall. Everytime I tried to climb my hands would start to slip and I would fall, that made me very frustrated. My proudest moment at camp was when I helped out a friend because that made me feel glad inside and I made my friend happy too. I have become a better person and student because of this camp by having new experiences and learning from my mistakes, I got to try new things that can help me now and so that is how I have become a better person.
K. One of the challenges that I faced, was the campfire. That is because the fire went on the grass, and it started to spread really quickly. But we poured water that was in our water bottle to make it disappear. Another one of the challenges, was kayaking in the rain and when it was really really cold. And the last challenge for me, was trying to finish green E for the rock climbing. My proudest moment in camp, was when I was rock climbing. It is because, at first I was stuck on the green C, but I was able to finish it. Also because after that I finished green D. One other thing I was proud about myself, was when I kayaked for the very first time without falling into the water. Before I was at camp, I didn’t talk to many people, but now I’m able to communicate with anyone, and share my ideas a little bit more.
CHAE YOON The greatest challenge that I faced was when I was trying to climb the climbing wall because there were stages(easiest to the hardest) but I could not even climb the easiest and I got really frustrated knowing that I am no good at these kind of things. My proudest moment at camp is when I tried kayaking which I have never done that in my life and I really enjoyed it because i got to drink hot chocolate and the team leaders were so nice that they teach everyone how to paddle the kayak. Also when we got to choose what we wanted to do at free time I got to do my favorite things and got to complete the things I have made.      I have become a better person and student because of this camp by listening to the camp leaders well and knowing what to do after few days at camp and enjoy the time of the grade 5 camp nice.
EMIL The biggest challenge I faced was climbing the wall Because there were different stages and some of them were very hard.   In camp I felt very proud making the marshmallows because last year’s camp we also made marshmallows and the teachers said that mine were the best and that reminded me so I felt proud of last year.   Before camp I was not very open But during camp I had a lot to talk about so I talked.
KENTA The greatest challenge for me was working together and making art,hiking and scavenger hunt. The first day some of us did not know each other well. My proudest moment was when I finished yellow E on the bouldering because at first I thought that the level was to hard for me but in 2 tries I finished the level and went to the next level.   I think this camp helped me to do your best and never give up like if I am stuck on a level I try my best and finish the level that I am doing. It also made me a better person by thinking about my roommates like when they need help packing the bag I help them finishing their bag.
KOHKI The greatest challenge for me was getting along with the team and working together as a team. On the first day of camp we did not get along so the team was fighting the whole time and it did not go well. The next day we worked better but we still were not that good. It helped that Oliver was improving very quickly and the team worked together on the 3rd day. My proudest moment of the camp was when I and Nick finished the nature art that was called The Lonely Tree. This is because we were making letters on leafs but it almost always broke or got ripped. I think it was the second hardest thing in the camp. I think that I became a better person because I learned to be more open and play with others more because my group that I was in was not used to be in so I played with other people in the group. First it was hard but at the end I could get along others very well. (I almost the whole camp was not with Naoto)
Chahel The challenging part for me was the bouldering because there were many different levels and the levels went from the easiest to the hardest.    The proudest moment for me was when we finish everything like hiking, kayaking and so on. I have become a better person now because I cooperate more with others and I have become a person that when we are doing something in  a group I pay more attention.
NAOTO The greatest challenge I face during camp is  hiking because it was raining hard. It was also challenging because we have to help each other to climb up the mountains. The proudest moment for me was when I finish climbing up the mountain and going back to our camp house.

Also the proudest moment for me was riding kayaking well and poldhu fast, control boll.

I have became better on teamwork and listing because we have to work as team or we can’t go anywhere and our leader will be just struth out. I also became better in being kind and work nice with others.
NIELS The greatest challenge for me was the climbing because around the last few levels it got really hard and I couldn’t make it and I got really frustrated. The proudest moment for me was when I finished the last level which is green IF, it was a proud moment for me because it was really challenging to stretch out and grab onto the next grip, it also didn’t help that you went from the bottom all the way to the top so you needed a lot of stamina to do that.   I have become better as a person by communicating with other people more often, which I didn’t know or weren’t the same gender. I have also become better by asking myself a few questions every night about my day like How were you brave? Or How was were you nice? And How did you fail? That helped me to do better during the day because I think about them which gives me more courage to do it then when I don’t think about it, because you want to be able to answer the question at the end of the day.
MINORI The greatest challenge that I faced was making more friends and knowing the new people who came in this year. My proudest moment was to making lot’s of friends and knowing a new people who came to school this year and knowing lot about them and play together or work as a group. I have become a better person by being friendly to everyone and supporting if they needed a help I can explain what you need to do and what you can’t do. And if they were sad like being a home seck I can  play with he or she and make them forget about it.
FELIX The greatest challenge I faces was the fire, we need make the fire together and it’s hard to make the fire big and we need use a lot of matches. We need work together. My proudest moment was I help to make the lunch, we need use the knife to cut the vegetable and some people need to make the cake, after the lunch I clean the tables and clean the bowl and the plates. I wash it and put it into the plates dryer. I have become a better student byI make more friends and I talk to a lot of people, I can use the the knife and I know how to make a fire and know how to use it. I work with my team.
DAAN The greatest challenge that I faced was working with people that I know to kayak, hike and making nature art because you do not know how some people are like. My proudest moment at camp was that I finished green A on the climbing wall because it took me a long time to do that and I had never bouldered before. I have become a better person by supporting people if they find something challenging or if they make a mistake and also if someone was feeling sad I would cheer them up.
WILLIAM The greatest challenge that I faced at camp was when we went on the night hike and we tried to make a log cabin for the fire and the other group’s fire got out of control so we had to fit more people in the circle and it was very crowded. My proudest moment at camp was when I prepared breakfast because it was the most amount of people that I ever made a meal for. At camp I became more open-minded and accepted other people’s ideas more. I also worked together with my group better because in the scavenger hunt we gave everyone something to do to help the whole group instead of everyone doing the same thing and leaving other important tasks alone.
KAE My greatest challenge at camp was the rock climbing in the shark tank. Because in my life I do not go hiking,climbing and camping at all so that made it a bit harder than I thought.  aIt was also challenging because I found out that there was less rocks that had a little valley spot that  I could hold on tight. My proudest moment at camp was when I was preparing and cleaning the Breakfast,Lunch and dinner. Because I really like to do cookings but sometimes I usually can not help my mom with her cookings because I have a tons of work to do at my home. After I went to camp I have be able to keep my emotions in my heart and try not to get them out loud.
JUNGEUN The greatest challenge in the camp was climbing the forest because I’ve been not climbing since grade 4, I got very tired and I needed to cross over the hills and and muds that are wet in the rain so I needed adventure the forest to go to the top. My proudest moment was cooking the meals for the students because I can do the things that we are eating and clean the tables by ourselves. So I felt happy doing my own job for cooking and felt proud helping others making food. I became a better person figuring problems alone in rock climbings and cleaning my things that I made and controlling my own feelings and my work when we are hiking and kayaking.
TRUITT My greatest challenge I faced at camp was the bouldering challenge. This was a very hard route of rocks that we needed to complete. Not many 5th graders completed this challenge of the magnificent bouldering challenge. The challenge was fun and frustrating at the same time. I very wanted to complete the challenge of the bouldering, all I know is that I tried my best. Another challenge I faced was kayaking. When my group was going to kayak, it started raining. The water was very cold and people couldn’t kayak because it was their first time. Eventually, we got the hang of it and played some advanced games to have some fun. When we got cold, we got hot chocolate. It was very challenging to kayak with my friends because they were better than me at kayaking. My proudest moment of camp was making a dragon’s-eye in arts and crafts. I am not a great artist and do not make very good pieces of art. Sometimes, I can make wonderful pieces of art that mean something to me. For some reason, this piece of art stood out to me. I think maybe because it was my first time making it or because it was very creative but it stood out to me a lot. I think this masterpiece was a fabulous piece of art that will stay with me for a long time. This piece of art represents luck and harmony and that is what I want the world to be. I have become better as a person by communicating with other people that I don’t know. Some of these people are new and I do not know them yet, like some off their traits, what they like, how they learn, and many other stuff that I would like to know about new comers to YIS. Newcomers should be welcomed to YIS so they do not feel lonely. I haver
Rachel The greatest challenge for me was either the bouldering or getting enough courage to jump into the freezing cold lake. The bouldering was hard for me because I am not strong or flexible. Also that I am small and it made my hands hurt. Jumping into the lake was challenging because it was freezing cold and we were only aloud to wear one layer. That was why those things were challenging for me. My proudest moment in camp is when I was one of the only people who jumped into the lake. I was proud because I jumped in four times, it was freezing cold and only about five people in my group did it. I have become a better person because I have tried new things and had new experiences. Also when I was cold in the lodge, I realized how lucky I am that my family worked hard so that I could always be happy and warm.
RIKA The greatest challenge in camp was catching AJ and trying to get him into the freezing cold lake. That day it was raining but our team leader said that it will stop soon but it didn’t. So we were kayaking in the freezing cold rain. The other challenge was to complete the yellow course and green course. We were doing rock climbing and I tried to do the first yellow A course but the place where I can hold was limited so I couldn’t do it. The proudest moment in camp was catching 7 frogs by myself. I found some lizards but I couldn’t catch it. I even felt proud when our group got some snake skin from Mike and I was the first one to touch. I became a better person by being caring to my friend and asking what happened and trying solve the problem.


October 6

WEEK 7 (2nd – 6th October)

WEEK7 (2nd – 6th October)

This week we have been extremely busy looking at concluding our units of work and we have spent a great deal of time REFLECTING on our learning. We have done this with students from other grades (feedback on what we have shared) and with parents at home sharing and celebrating our work.



We concluded our unit with a final assessment on all the elements of the unit. The results were very pleasant and each student was able to apply their learning well. They reflected on the unit and completed the unit with work based on many aspects of PROBABILITY . We used a number of online and resources and we added fractions, percentages, and decimals to our study. RESOURCES ONLINE. Students can continue to use some of these resources to work out different problems and revise their understanding.



Data Summative Assessment


Name _______________________________                               Date: ______________


Reflecting on what I have learned, what still need to work on and what I am still not too sure about.


Learning Expectations Still Needs work I am Confident Epic – ready for more
I can collect, organise and represent data to investigate solutions to real problems.
I can evaluate the effectiveness of different representations of data
I can interpret represented data presented to solve problems.
I can calculate and interpret measures of central tendency to solve problems
I can interpret data connecting terms, impossible, certain, likely, and unlikely to fractional values
I can represent data by using excel formulas


Write 3 statements that show your understanding of data.




How has your thinking changed?

We just started our new unit of work – MEASUREMENT – TIME. Our main focus will be timelines and we will be linking this to our UOI.


We shared our learning with parents and then we have started to work on our new unit – EXPOSITORY TEXTS – Our focus will be aimed at creating informative pieces of writing based on the work and inventions created in our UOI. We have started this unit by developing our own ideas of what we know about “expository texts” and we have analysed a number of different texts to work out the structure and what are the main language features of this particular text.