February 3



This week we have been looking at many of the issues and problems happening in the world today and how we can deal with them. The effect that these issues may have on us can be negative and it is important for us all to be aware and know how to respond to them. Our discussions have focussed on how to be aware of the world around us, our impact in our local communities and the how we can change things one at the time.


We have concluded our work on VOLUME and our summative assessment has been based on creating solids that can hold certain space. The students worked in pairs and they created three solids (rectangular solids, cones, cylinders). The students choose the measurements and they created the shapes. They also worked out the conversions to smaller and larger units of measurement. They have been able to reflect and look at their learning from a very practical perspective. They have been able to use different manipulatives to record their thinking. we look forward to next week when they share their final findings and describe and explain these to the class.


Students have continued to work with different reading strategies and their final work is looking very impressive and they have provided some great insightful ideas and recording to their reading. Great work. We are almost ready to move to our next novel and we will continue to work in groups to promote conversations, discussions and written responses from their reading.



We are really immersed in learning how persuasive writing takes shape and learning about what is needed to make someone to agree with our point of view, how we can convince someone to follow our thinking and how we can make someone to believe in our perspective.


What a fantastic week we just had. We were able to travel to Kamakura and learn first hand how people can use materials and the local surroundings to create art and appreciate things from a different perspective. We are developing sound understandings about the notion of “BEAUTY” and how this can be represented in some many different ways.



  1. Next week is a very short week only school from Monday to Wednesday
  2. Thank you to each one of you for being so committed to helping our friends from the Chiku Center. Remember to start thinking about your job for the month of February.

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