February 19

WEEK 23 13th FEBRUARY – 17th February


This week we were able to do some really interesting things. We completed out ISA tests, we had a visiting artist, we worked on our persuasive essays and we also celebrated choosing Maite as the student of the week and we helped once again with collecting fruit for the Chiku Center. We were busy working on developing ideas to measure distance and capacity. We started our second novel for our Literary Circles unit. We are very excited to complete our persuasive essays and look forward to sharing them with Grade 4 students next week.


We worked with great enthusiasm to understand how to measure distance in practical ways. Students build paper planes and then tested the total distance a paper plane can travel. Students measured the distance for 10 different flights and then converted into larger and smaller units (mm, m, and km).


This week we focussed on developing our understanding of our first book and we were able to write some creative book reviews. Each student was able to express their ideas with great clarity and accuracy. Great work.


Reading Strategy:

Main Character – describe
Story: brief outline but in the right order.
Plot – what happens, is it believable or exciting.
Characters – do you like or dislike them?

Do they seem real?

Language – did the words do their job well?
Are the events in the story well described? Explain.


We were incredibly busy working on our persuasive essays. What a wonderful effort, we are so impressed with the quality of ideas, creative topics and wonderful writing. WELL DONE EVERYONE

Are Paintings the Best type of Art for someone to express themselves?

Paintings are one of the best ways that somebody can express themselves. Painters think that painting is the best way to express yourself. Other people think that that is not true and think other types of art are better, for example, they think music and theatre are the best types of art to express yourself. People who believe that paintings are the best type of art to express yourself are those that can share their ideas, moods and feelings through painting. There are many ways you can express yourself through paintings, for example, somebody can express themselves through the organic or geometric abstract. Is it a good idea for someone to express themselves through paintings? The answer is an absolute yes.

First of all, it is easy to express emotions through paintings. Many colours have been known to represent an emotion, for example, blue means sad and bright colours mean happy. You can use colours to express yourself in almost every type of painting. Many famous artists, for example, Van Gogh used and use this strategy. Many of Van Gogh’s self-portraits had blue in the background to express himself which probably means he is sad or is feeling a negative emotion (Nation Gallery of Art). Using colours to represent emotions makes painting a good way for people to express themselves.

Secondly painting something realistically allows someone to express themselves easily, for example, painting a picture of a facial expression to express emotions or painting a picture of a culture to express a culture. Yamato-e is a type of Japanese art which use paintings to express stories. Yamato-e paintings are a realistic type of art(met museum). The strategy of painting stories was also used in ancient Rome and ancient Greece(Ducksters). Painting realistically has been used a long time for people to express themselves. People can paint almost anything realistically to express themselves.

Some people may argue that paintings are not the best way for someone to express themselves is that it can be hard to understand what the artist is expressing if it is not painted realistically. It can also be confusing if the author is not expressing himself through colours and it may take a long time for someone to figure out if the author is expressing himself through colours. If the artist uses a wide variety of colours it may be hard for the audience to understand which emotions the artist is expressing. Music is an easier way for the audience to understand what the musician is expressing because when somebody signs they use language to express themselves and almost everyone understands the language if it is a language they understand.

In conclusion, paintings are the best way for somebody to express themselves. It is absolutely amazing for someone to use colours to express their emotions, feelings, ideas and special memories and someone does not even have to be able to paint realistically to express themselves through paintings. If someone can paint realistically they can paint their culture, traditions, hobbies, beliefs and values to express themselves. It can be hard for an audience to understand what an artist is expressing or if the artist is expressing something however painting still remains the best way for someone to express themselves.

Daan V



  1. Remember to bring your P.E. uniform to your sports lessons next week.
  2. ONE piece of fruit per person makes a wonderful difference each week to our friends from the Chiku Centre. Keep it up!!!
  3. Maite was chosen our STUDENT OF THE WEEK!!! – She is someone who is always willing to help others and tries her very best always. Great Work – Well Done


We visited The Grand Hotel of Yokohama. Dr D’Amato was very informative and he showed us many of the historical landmarks in Motomachi, we looked at these from the perspective of architecture and beauty. We learned a great deal about local influences and western influences in the buildings of the area. THANK YOU, Dr D’AMATO

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