April 26

WEEK 30 – 24th APRIL – 28th APRIL


What a great week!!!! Each student in 5S should be very proud of their achievement. They have worked extremely hard to acquire new learning, make new connections and to think and take concrete action on their chosen inquiries. Our focus now is to record and discuss our next steps and how we will be reaching out to our local community and share our passion. Some students have already started this process and they have held a number of class talks, speak to different organisations about their concerns and possible ideas.


Our opening night was a great success, students were able to share with their parents and they were able to describe their learning with great confidence and with a strong sense of knowledge and accuracy.


Name 3 Things I have learned about myself during the Exhibition
  • I learned that, if I put my mind to something and I am really passionate about something, I can achieve my goal.
  • I learned that if I am prepared and I know my topic well, I do not have to worry and be stressed about my exhibition because I will be ready for it.
  • I learned that I should not get off track and I should keep track of time and not get distracted.
  • I learned that when I really understand and are interested in your topic, I can achieve anything and have fun!
  • I learned that hard work can pay off even when the journey seems like the worst, the experience can be the best. I think that this is important because it happens to everybody in the world.
  • I learned that kids age 3-5 and adults can still understand my topic and be interested in my topic in terms of the way that I explain to my audience. Emil was here Emil was here Emil was here Emil was here Emil was here Emil was here
  • I learned that I can explain things to little kids, like people in elc or in kindergarten so that they can understand.
  • I learned that I need to be more creative when I am presenting things…
  • I learned that if you take a very small action, it can lead to a very big action.
  • I learned that if I concentrate and do my best I can do a good exhibition and people will like it
  • I learned that my action have a big impact to the animals and my action means a lot and is important for the environment
  • I learned that I really love the nature so I care so I think I did a good job spreading the word and my work and my exhibition means a lot to me
  • I learned that I can explain small kids and adult in a good talk because I talk to adult and kids in a different way, but the same thing.
  • I learned that when I work hard it makes a big different to my work because some people didn’t work as I did and that did make a difference to me and others.
  • I learned that I am brave and strong talker so other people can hear me when other students are talking. I also learned that I can talk clearly to other and not talk in low volume.
  • I learned if I was passionate about somethings, I will try my best to figure things out and tell that to people.
  • I learned that people can make a mistake because I had a lot of misunderstanding or have a mistake, but we tried to solve the problems so at last I (we) ended having an awesome time and understand many things.
  • I learned that I actually understood my topic well because when I was presenting my exhibition I explained my topic well and I think that I thought somethings that audience didn’t know about.
  • I learned that if you really understand your topic well, you can speak to the audience confidently and share your learning I have done. I also learned that before I take an action I have to interview an expert and I need to understand my topic well.
  • The challenging part was to find images that match to my facts I have on my board, then if little kids can not understand the facts, I can show them the images and show them how it looks like.
  • I enjoyed my learning because I was able to learn something I never knew. I also enjoyed my learning because I was able to talk confidently and it seemed like my audience understand that gender equality is an important issue.
  • I learned that when you are talking speak loudly and clearly so that the audience understand what are you trying to say.
  • I learned that to be more organized in my work when I am doing an exhibition.
  • I learned that if you know your topic very well you would be confident also when you are speaking you would not be worried to speak but if you have not put the effort you would be worried to speak.
  • I learned that if I prepared you don’t need to be stressed or scared just have to enjoy talking/teaching others
  • I learned that I can explain a hard topic into different words so every age can understand
  • I learned that if you understand your topic good you can do almost everything
  • I learned that I can learn my topic well because when I talked to my audience I knew what I was saying and I was also very interested in my topic and I spoke to the audience confidently.
  • I learned that sometimes when I talked to someone about my topic I forgot some things like the quiz or the graphs because I had a lot of other things to talk about like my action or the importance of my topic.
  • I was not only interested in my topic but I also was interested in other people’s topics so I went to see other people’s exhibitions and it was interesting to me.
  • I learned that I am very organised in my dealings and interviews, in the way that I can manage my time and use my time wisely when interviewing someone.
  • I also learned that I am not afraid to talk in front of people and that I am always very keen to present something that I have worked very hard on and really want to present to someone.
  • I learned that I am very moody in the sense that I change the mood a lot. I learned that because when I am presenting to someone I am very enthusiastic and very dull.
  • I learn always be brave to be able to talk to other people
  • I learn that every time if you work very hard to work on your work, you will be brave to show other people your work at the very end.
  • Be loud when you are talking to other people, then other people can know what you are trying to tell them easily.
  • I learned that you have to always be confident and brave so we can talk and teach people that come to listen to me speak. Also, you have to be brave and confident when you are interviewing somebody to learn more.
  • I learned that action is a very important thing and that you have to help our communities. I learned this when D’arcy came and talked to us about what he is doing.  
  • I learned to be more organized because I had to organize my work in the exhibition and it was first hard for me to organize myself but at the end, I could organize myself.
  • I learned that taking action or service does not mean to serve yourself or to serve others for a price, but to serve others for a good reason.
  • I learned that if I want to do something right, I need to relax/calm down, if I do not, my nerves would be so worked up that I might forget what I was supposed to be doing.
  • I also learned that I need to be confident and I need to do what I think is right, I will not always have somebody to look to when I need something, and that’s part of growing up. We need to learn to make our own decisions.
  • I learned that I have to be confident to explain my ideas clearly to the audience. I learned this because I had to present all my learning in the exhibition to the audience and when I was nervous I made more mistakes and that made it less clear to the audience.
  • I learned that I have to ask more questions to the audience while presenting my ideas. I learned this because there were younger audiences and they got bored when I talked to long.
  • I learned that I should add more pictures in my presentation because I only showed pictures at the very end and that caused some people not to listen to my presentation.  
  • I learned that I have to be confident about what I am talking about to other people so that I can have more interaction with people who come and learn about my topic
  • I learned that it was important for me to speak clearly and interact more with other people and add extra pieces of information just in case people might not understand what I am trying to tell them
  • I learned that I should be more informative to people who ask questions so that I can give them the correct pieces of information and be helpful to them
  • I have learned that it is not always easy to speak to people and be confident and loud but if i tried my best people heard the message clearly. I wanted to look into the audience’s eyes just to make sure that they understood the topic clearly and I tried to be as fun as possible when presenting especially with the younger children.
  • I have also learned that the process seems so short but when you think about it is about seven to eight weeks and that is a long time. When I was doing my work and research it was a little bit stressful so the weeks went by so fast
  • Finally, I learned that this is important to be serious but it is important to have fun when you are presenting and doing the work because if it is all too serious then it will be boring for the audience and for yourself when you are working.
  • I learned that to interact with peop a e is really important thing.
  • I learned that I need to say something to convince people to come to my booth.
  • I learned that you need to really know your topic well just incase  especially with what they ask you.
  • I had learnt that I need to have confidence to speak out loud and clear my mind to organize the information only that I need.
  • I should be brave to ask first and make people come to my booth to make interests on my Topic.
  • I must know that I’m an expert at my topic; so I could be talking about my topic more specific and also add some information that I already more.
  • I learned about myself that I work best when I get to choice of what to learn like in the exhibition we got I choice of what we want to research about
  • I learned about myself that I can show my learning best with visual models
  • I learned about myself that I like to show my learning to different people
April 20

WEEK 29 – 17th APRIL – 21st APRIL

EXHIBITION ……Almost there……..

We are very excited as we are about to complete a very exhausting and demanding process but rewarding experience. Our displays are looking extremely creative and informative. Each student has been focussing on a particular inquiry and they have been looking at global issues with a very local perspective.

FROM THIS                       TO                                 THIS

Student Led Conferences

We were very proud of each student sharing their learning with their families. It was wonderful to see how students immersed themselves with reflections, analysis, and inferring into their learning.

April 12

WEEK 29 – 10th APRIL – 14th APRIL


Guest Speaker – d’Arcy Lunn


On Monday morning this week, we had guest speaker d’Arcy Lunn present about Teaspoons of Change and taking action (connected to their issues for the PYP Exhibition).

Some students were fortunate enough to speak with him in small groups to connect to their inquiries and to gain insight and ideas about purposeful and achievable action.

Some of the questions he presented included:

What is a global citizen? – Someone that makes a difference, someone who is responsible for their actions

Are you a global citizen? – Who I am – what I feel see think and do! The way I think. The actions I take

Can everyone be a global citizen? What can I do as a global citizen?

  • Create action for our community
  • Take small actions to achieve big goals
  1. Listen and learn
  2. Good people with good ideas doing good things
  3. Be a bridge – share with other and connect them to it

What are the things we can do to be a good global citizen? 

  • Use what you like (connected to) to take action
  • Create ideas for other people
  • Start with yourself and your family
  • Make an impact on the local community
  • Don’t only think up idea but put them into action to achieve change

What else can we do? The many little things we do allow are teaspoons or change that are easy to do more often such as turning off lights, not just recycling but reducing and reusing, creating a sharing economy e.g. toy libraries, book swaps, carrying your own chopsticks and plastic bags. Simple and easy but effective!

How we are connected to other things? If we are doing good things for the environment we impact in people

Further considerations…


How do we create big change?

Are you (and your action) help heavy and harm light?



Grade 5 Central Idea for Exhibition


Earlier in the unit, we developed central ideas related to our inquiry choices in small groups.

This week Ms. Catasti came to help us to co-create a central idea for the whole grade.


The process we used:

Step 1 – Individual classes developed ideas for a central idea

Step 2 – As we read them aloud we listening for key words –

  • 5H  – impact, action, community – local/global
  • 5W – change, difference, the world
  • 5S  – future, sustainable, together

Step 3 – Do these words stand out on their own and make sense?  How and why is each word important to our message? Some of the keywords might not fit anymore!

Step 4 – Can we remove any of the keywords? This was interesting as some kids were passionate about certain words.  They started to consider the understanding of the audience.

Step 5 – If we all our ideas together, what would the CI look like.

Step 6 – Students make suggestions for CI based on keywords.

A central idea is a message that’s really important to human beings – everyone should be able to access it regardless of culture, gender, age etc

It’s not about getting as many words in as possible…

It is about how these words are important and why we need to tell them to people!



  • Together we can make a sustainable impact on our community, locally and globally.
  • Responsible action makes a change to our community
  • Individually we can make a small difference, but together we can make a big difference and impact people’s lives
  • People work together to build a sustainable future for our community
  • Together our responsible actions have a big impact on the local and global community
  • Community’s action can change the future together responsibly
  • Making an impact on the local and global community can change people’s lives and make a sustainable future
  • Together as a community we can take action and change our ways in order to create a sustainable future

AND THE FINAL OUTCOME… well, you might just have to wait for the night!

April 7

WEEK 28 – 3rd APRIL – 7th APRIL


We have just concluded another very productive week, there has been lots of new learning taking place in our class and we are all very excited about our Exhibition. Each student is very committed to their work and their inquiries. We are currently working on our questions and answering these according to our research and the different experts helping us.



We have completed another great service learning and action session, students love helping in our local community and the fruits of our hard work is showing clearly in how lovely the cemetery is looking. WELL DONE EVERYONE.

We celebrated Maite’s birthday and we all enjoyed the wonderful cake she shared with us all.