May 24

WEEK 34 – 22nd MAY – 26th MAY


This week is only a four-day working week. we have been working on a number of interesting ideas and inquiries. We are starting new units of study and we are also completing units. We have had a wonderful workshop with a visiting artist from Wajima on the East coast of Japan. She introduced the art of lacquer paintings and other artistic works. Susanne was very interesting and the students were very engaged with her explanations and descriptions.

We are concluding our work mathematics (angles) and reading (author’s study). We are in full swing with our Memoirs and the students have selected important events of their lives. We look forward to our final pieces.


We have used a number of different pieces of work to develop our ideas about angles, its properties, and sizes and measurement. Each student has been working on their individual projects.


We have designed a different format to assess this unit and each student had a personal project to focus on. We looked at the perfect day and how it should be like. The students had to design a 360° circle. They had to use protractors and compasses. They carried out a number of interesting inquiries on how to find out percentages, make conversions and drawing conclusions.



  • Free borrowing of book stock covering an extensive range of subjects, genres, and experiences
  • Free access to reference resources, including online subscription services
  • The resources to help people educate themselves
  • Free access to computers and the internet for everyone
  • Support for research using online resources as well as print resources that are not available on the internet
  • The opportunity to participate in book groups as a leisure activity, or an activity to support mental health and wellbeing, or rehabilitation
  • Homework classes for children who need extra support outside school hours and study spaces for children who don’t have a home environment they can work in
  • Children’s reading challenges and events, which encourage children to continue to read and develop their literacy skills





Last week we celebrated Rachel’s birthday, we all had yummy cookies. We congratulated her on her special day.

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