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WEEK 35 – 29th MAY – 2nd JUNE


This week we have been working on a number of exciting ideas and concepts. We are revising many mathematical concepts and we are looking at poetry and how people can express their feelings in a particular way. We have written memoirs about important events in our lives. We have shared our love for music. An EXCITING week.


As we are coming to the end of our academic year we are focussing on revising and covering again many of the concepts studied this year. Each student has set their own programme of inquiry for Mathematics, they have chosen their own levels for learning and they are reflecting along the way. Here is an example of what the students are covering and how they are revising previously learnt mathematical concepts. You have access to each of the activities, have a go!!!!!!!




Mathematical Application

How do I feel at this stage What strategies have I used to learn this concept better I still need help with this What level have I achieved
ALGEBRA (determining value)
ALGEBRA (simplifying expressions)



We are currently focussing on how poetry is used as an expression of feelings, emotions, experiences and personal ideas. We read poetry each day, we analyse its context and then we discuss possible meanings. We look at the structure and language features of different poems. We are looking at different poetic devices like similes, alliteration, metaphors and imagery.


We are busy constructing our Memories of Grade 5S. Some of the ideas developed are very interesting, entertaining and above all very informative. Each student is looking back at those events that have happened during the year and that have had a real relevance to us. Here is a student’s sample. We are very excited to share our memories next week.

The End of the Beginning

The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow, life is a crazy ride and this year was one – anonymous. Hi my name is Niels and I am in 5S, and I know for sure that we will not only have crazy rides in our life but we will also have the calm and quiet rides. In my opinion, this year was one of the crazy rides you go on in a theme park, because of all the changes and experiences I have gone through this year. If I had one word to describe this year it would change. I have chosen this word because it resembles all of the changes we have gone through coming from fourth grade. I have also chosen change because we have not only experienced a lot of changes we will also still go through a lot of changes next year.

I know for a fact that almost everyone in the class of 2024 has the same opinion. One example could be that we learned new ways of figuring out solutions because of our new teachers and peers. I think learning new strategies can help you because you can use new strategies in new or different situations. Now going to a new topic I thought the beginning of this year was very active because we will still learn about our teachers and new friends. In the beginning of the year, I believe we tend to judge someone too quickly because we don’t know he or her. For me, this was the case, especially with new peers and friends. This is a natural thing to do, but you should always get to know your teachers and fellow peers because they might be able to help you later on in the year.

Something that really motivated me and changed my thinking this year is service. Service is the action of helping or doing work for someone, and what I thought about a lot is that one little action can have a big difference. I found this very important because you should always try to have a good impact in your local community or even global community. I found service a good learning experience because we tried new things and got to meet new people. I found that service can teach you how to be polite and can also teach you the importance of helping others in need. I can connect service to the exhibition because we had to have an action that could impact the environment or people.

I have really enjoyed this year and I have a few thank you’s to give. First of all, would like to thank my parents for sending me to this school and letting me have this awesome experience in elementary school. I would also like to thank my teacher Mr.Saez for making this experience new and fun, and last, of all, I would like to thank my fellow peers for helping me when I am in hard situations. This is the end of the first hill on the rollercoaster and the ride will keep on going. I know that there will be ups and down but I know that I can tackle anything because of what I have learnt this year.



We have had a great start to our Transition to Grade 6. Today we had Secondary teachers come and talk to us about Grade 6 and our new adventure. We were able to ask questions and have a good discussion with them about Middle School and specially Grade 6. 


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