June 12


Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

Lao Tzu

What an amazing journey for us all this year has been. We have grown and we have become better people in all fronts. As a class, we have grown to accept, respect and care for each other. As a teacher, I can say that it has been a real privilege to have had such a wonderful group of students this year. I wish everyone the best of times in the Middle School and all the best for this new stage of your journeys.

Mr. Saez


Grade 5 has been a special year for me. I learned and changed a lot. I grew physically and mentally. I have a lot more experience with… everything!!! Especially with presenting. I never really presented anything but this year. My exhibition, my speech, etc. I worked hard to get better at everything. I think because I worked hard I achieved a lot of goals. I learned a lot about manners and services. I changed my life because of that. I really liked this year because I learned a lot and got to know other people. I hope I can continue with service.        

I changed a lot and that is because of my teacher. Not only physical, I changed my mental too. I changed to be more respectful to other people by saying thank you or doing something to them. I changed to be more careful than before, for example I think before I show Mr.Saez. As grade 5 I changed to be in more time because I need to finish everything at time. We changed how to have a great manner to other older people, for example we don’t just pull the paper from other we take the paper gently. I changed to be more activity and play around outside because our teacher told us not to get stuck with this digital tools

I think the biggest change to me is that I became caring, not like the me in the past: just care about myself, never think about other people’s feeling or understand why we need to help them. I think the reason I do that is that I am more mature. 

Grade 5 has been a really big awesome roller coaster in our life, but also there was a part that brings us down all the way to the bottom, there was a challenging, nervousness but also there were an achievement and excitement with all my friends in 5S. I strongly believe, while I was on this awesome big roller coaster I changed physically but also mentally as we experienced many different things and situations. We learnt how we have good manners, or about friendship how we solve the conflict. We did many services like giving fruits to Chiku center or going to the cemetery to clean the graves. I believe We made a really big effect on others. I am really pleased that I was able to experience and become more responsible with many things together as a group in 5S.

This year has been an up and down. Some were challenging some were easy. At the same time I have learnt a lot of things such as manners, being independent and being more responsible. I am glad to be in Mr.Saez’s class. What I have learnt about Manners is that you cannot buy them. I know what manners are but I have learnt more about it. 


This year I learned a lot and not just things that you can learn in any grade I learned things that are important but that are not taught in school. I used to think that Mr. Saez is way to strict but now I know that that is a good thing. This year I did have some of those days were you just do not want to do anything but yet I still went to school and at the end of the day I would feel better. Usually at the end of the year I am so bored of school but this year it is different I do not know why but I still am enjoying the 5th grade roller coaster even at the very end where it goes slowly.

This year I learned a lot throughout the year. I learned things that I never expected and It helped me more caring  and made me think a lot about the world more. I did FFF, Rice drive and cemetery clean up. We gave fruits every friday to the Chiku Center for the homeless, we also went the the cemetery to clean the graves. I think I learned to be more responsible which is important because exhibition we always need to be responsible and finish your work in time.

Family, friends, teachers, thoughts, opinions, perspectives, height. Those are all things that have helped me to grow this year. On the outside, I have grown so much taller this year than I have in any of the other years. Also, my hair has grown as well. Even though this is not important, it is me. Inside, I have changed too. I know more about the world and now my opinions and perspectives on it have changed as well as my knowledge. I have also become so much more organised and I feel so much more responsible. I am so much more confident now, thanks to presenting the graduation speech that I had come up with, to the class. I have grown so much since the start of the year.

Though I still cannot really accept this fact, I’ve changed. Mentally and physically. I have learnt a lot of things and encountered many new people this year, and each and every one of them have affected my life and made me a better person. When I came here, I was scared of the things I did not know, but now I have changed. I am now ready to face the world. Everything I have experienced in my life cannot compare to this one year. I have learnt more about life, and more about the people in it. I have changed physically because I have grown taller, and stronger. I am now more confident, and can make my own decisions. We have all changed,  and are more independent now, we deserve more trust and more responsibility. I do not want to grow up, but I will, and so will all the other children in the world. I believe that service was also a big part of this big change. Mr.Saez has changed us all into being more respectful and more polite. I am so glad I enrolled in YIS.

Grade 5 has been the biggest roller coaster so far in our lives. With lots of ups and downs, curves, and sharp edges. YIS, and 5S stands out to me in many ways and I will recall them. Religion does not matter, we accept people and we are open minded. We are empathetic, because without  empathy, the world is meaningless. I believe that change has been a major part of this year too. 5S has changed because people have grown, became more confident, and have become a whole. I think that change doesn’t mean how people have changed mentally and physically. I think it means how have you grown into a person of kindness and empathy.

Feelings and emotions matter to this world and have been special to 5S. I believe I have changed to be a person of kindness because I have has playdates and made many friends that are the different gender than me. Also, I have made many friends that I did not know the previous year. I have changed to because I made a difference to a person’s life and I can do anything and create anything. Nothing can stop me.

This year had been such a challenging but fun year. And it had also been a big change in my life. The biggest change for me was being brave to talk to people and never giving up. The biggest challenge for me was the exhibition and the speech. I improved my speaking skills this year because when I first came to this class I was very shy but now I can talk in front of my class. Still it’s hard for me to be confident and I always get nervous. At the exhibition I had to speak very loud and in a clear voice because it is very hard to hear a little voice in a big crowd. The biggest change in this year was service and manners. I never knew what service  was if Mr. Saez never told us. Also manners if we still knew the basic manners Mr. Saez taught us manners like saying “Sorry to interrupt your class, may I talk to your class for 2 minutes?” We also had to say good morning and goodbye. Mr. Saez also taught us how to write a formal message to people.  Service made a big change in my life because I never done something for someone else. I really feel proud when I done something that makes a big difference because I can help people and happy.

I think that I have changed a lot during this year. I think that I have become more of a risk-taker because I have contributed to the class and have contributed to many different groups. I now share what I think is correct and I try hard to talk in class. Also, I think that because I have become a more risk-taker I think that I became a better communicator. Also, I think that I have become a more caring person because I have learned manners and I have learned about service. I have learned to say thank you when somebody does something good for me like holding the door or holding something for me when at the beginning of the year when someone had held the door for me I did not say anything and go away. I think that this year has been a very good year that I improved in many things.

I have changed a lot this year because I have become more grateful everything that I am able to have such as good education, food, and clean water. I have also learned a lot about service hand how it is important to be kind and polite to other people as well as to contribute to the community around us. I have also changed a lot because I have become more confident in sharing with the class and contributing to class discussions. I have become more organized during the year because I am able to be aware of the time that I have to complete a task. I have also become more committed because at the beginning of the year I felt like if I did not get something right I won’t continue doing it but now I am more committed to finish what I started and try again if I did not succeed the first time. I have also adapted a positive mindset that makes me more confident in what I do.

When I became grade 5, I was shy and not very social, but had no manners and use violence for fun. I was really shy that when I got in trouble, I couldn’t control my feelings so I cried a lot. Therefore when I faced some events when I need to be in front of people, I was really nervous but still stood up and participated even people was watching me. I started to not escape from the events that I can share my learning and my thinking. I cried when the teacher got mad, but I

I have changed a lot this year and one of the things that has influenced me to change is service because we took action in our local community with fresh fruit friday, rice drive and cemetery cleaning and I learned how important it is to help others that cannot help themselves because a lot of small actions can make a big difference. Another thing that has changed me was the exhibition because I became more responsible and organised because we had to finish everything on time and it was hard to keep staying on task and staying organised throughout the whole exhibition process. At the beginning of the year I did not think I would be ready for middle school but now I am confident that going to middle school will be fine because I have changed a lot during this year.

I have changed a lot this year and one of the things that has changed to be the person I am this year is service. In service I learnt the importance of little actions, and the difference the make an example of a small action might to be say hello to someone or thank someone for opening the door for you. Service has a also taught me the importance of kindness and helping others, it has also shown me the different people that live and exist in society.

The exhibition has also taught me to be more organised. I find this very helpful because it has taught me that when you plan things days get a lot easier, while on the other hand if you aren’t organised sometimes days can be chaos. The exhibition has also taught me to always try to make an impact in what you do, and to never give up when you are far behind, or never slack off when you are far ahead. I have also grown differently physically, for example I have grown taller and my shoulders have become wider.

I have changed a lot during this year with Mr. Saez because Mr.Saez has taught me how important is to help others like doing service and cleaning the cemetery. Also Mr.Saez taught me that how important is manners because you have to respect others.  

This year I grew physically mentally by becoming more confident because I presented my work to an audience most of the time and therefore I became more confident presenting towards others. This year I also became more organised because I had to organize my time a lot during the exhibition to fully complete it. I also changed by becoming more independent because I did a lot of my work alone instead of asking for help like I did last year. I also grew mentally because I became kinder because Mr Saez taught me a lot about manners and service and how important words are for yourself and others. I also grew mentally because I started to become more helpful for example if someone asked for help I always helped them.I also grew mentally because I got a lot of new friends while last year I only had a few friends. I grew physically because I started growing taller and I also changed because I got a new haircut.

I have changed mentally and physically throughout the year because at the very beginning of the year I was not organized and manageable of my time and belongings, and I also changed because of how I react to other things like when I am surprised and happy and others. Different things helped me to become who I am right now. Learning new things like what we/I can do to help others and about how important service is for other people. I also learned about how important manners are than any other things like respecting others more.


Grade 5 has been a great journey for me, and made me change who I am physically and mentally. Now, I am a risk taker, and I am not afraid to speak and show my work in front of people, like the exhibition and my speech. Even though in the beginning of the year, I used to be too shy to share my ideas, because I thought that what I wanted to share might be wrong… I also changed how I feel in particular situations. I have even changed how I think about service. Now I understand that it is a very important thing to do, and can make people feel happy. I already knew about this in the beginning of the year, but I have learnt way more.





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