June 12


Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

Lao Tzu

What an amazing journey for us all this year has been. We have grown and we have become better people in all fronts. As a class, we have grown to accept, respect and care for each other. As a teacher, I can say that it has been a real privilege to have had such a wonderful group of students this year. I wish everyone the best of times in the Middle School and all the best for this new stage of your journeys.

Mr. Saez


Grade 5 has been a special year for me. I learned and changed a lot. I grew physically and mentally. I have a lot more experience with… everything!!! Especially with presenting. I never really presented anything but this year. My exhibition, my speech, etc. I worked hard to get better at everything. I think because I worked hard I achieved a lot of goals. I learned a lot about manners and services. I changed my life because of that. I really liked this year because I learned a lot and got to know other people. I hope I can continue with service.        

I changed a lot and that is because of my teacher. Not only physical, I changed my mental too. I changed to be more respectful to other people by saying thank you or doing something to them. I changed to be more careful than before, for example I think before I show Mr.Saez. As grade 5 I changed to be in more time because I need to finish everything at time. We changed how to have a great manner to other older people, for example we don’t just pull the paper from other we take the paper gently. I changed to be more activity and play around outside because our teacher told us not to get stuck with this digital tools

I think the biggest change to me is that I became caring, not like the me in the past: just care about myself, never think about other people’s feeling or understand why we need to help them. I think the reason I do that is that I am more mature. 

Grade 5 has been a really big awesome roller coaster in our life, but also there was a part that brings us down all the way to the bottom, there was a challenging, nervousness but also there were an achievement and excitement with all my friends in 5S. I strongly believe, while I was on this awesome big roller coaster I changed physically but also mentally as we experienced many different things and situations. We learnt how we have good manners, or about friendship how we solve the conflict. We did many services like giving fruits to Chiku center or going to the cemetery to clean the graves. I believe We made a really big effect on others. I am really pleased that I was able to experience and become more responsible with many things together as a group in 5S.

This year has been an up and down. Some were challenging some were easy. At the same time I have learnt a lot of things such as manners, being independent and being more responsible. I am glad to be in Mr.Saez’s class. What I have learnt about Manners is that you cannot buy them. I know what manners are but I have learnt more about it. 


This year I learned a lot and not just things that you can learn in any grade I learned things that are important but that are not taught in school. I used to think that Mr. Saez is way to strict but now I know that that is a good thing. This year I did have some of those days were you just do not want to do anything but yet I still went to school and at the end of the day I would feel better. Usually at the end of the year I am so bored of school but this year it is different I do not know why but I still am enjoying the 5th grade roller coaster even at the very end where it goes slowly.

This year I learned a lot throughout the year. I learned things that I never expected and It helped me more caring  and made me think a lot about the world more. I did FFF, Rice drive and cemetery clean up. We gave fruits every friday to the Chiku Center for the homeless, we also went the the cemetery to clean the graves. I think I learned to be more responsible which is important because exhibition we always need to be responsible and finish your work in time.

Family, friends, teachers, thoughts, opinions, perspectives, height. Those are all things that have helped me to grow this year. On the outside, I have grown so much taller this year than I have in any of the other years. Also, my hair has grown as well. Even though this is not important, it is me. Inside, I have changed too. I know more about the world and now my opinions and perspectives on it have changed as well as my knowledge. I have also become so much more organised and I feel so much more responsible. I am so much more confident now, thanks to presenting the graduation speech that I had come up with, to the class. I have grown so much since the start of the year.

Though I still cannot really accept this fact, I’ve changed. Mentally and physically. I have learnt a lot of things and encountered many new people this year, and each and every one of them have affected my life and made me a better person. When I came here, I was scared of the things I did not know, but now I have changed. I am now ready to face the world. Everything I have experienced in my life cannot compare to this one year. I have learnt more about life, and more about the people in it. I have changed physically because I have grown taller, and stronger. I am now more confident, and can make my own decisions. We have all changed,  and are more independent now, we deserve more trust and more responsibility. I do not want to grow up, but I will, and so will all the other children in the world. I believe that service was also a big part of this big change. Mr.Saez has changed us all into being more respectful and more polite. I am so glad I enrolled in YIS.

Grade 5 has been the biggest roller coaster so far in our lives. With lots of ups and downs, curves, and sharp edges. YIS, and 5S stands out to me in many ways and I will recall them. Religion does not matter, we accept people and we are open minded. We are empathetic, because without  empathy, the world is meaningless. I believe that change has been a major part of this year too. 5S has changed because people have grown, became more confident, and have become a whole. I think that change doesn’t mean how people have changed mentally and physically. I think it means how have you grown into a person of kindness and empathy.

Feelings and emotions matter to this world and have been special to 5S. I believe I have changed to be a person of kindness because I have has playdates and made many friends that are the different gender than me. Also, I have made many friends that I did not know the previous year. I have changed to because I made a difference to a person’s life and I can do anything and create anything. Nothing can stop me.

This year had been such a challenging but fun year. And it had also been a big change in my life. The biggest change for me was being brave to talk to people and never giving up. The biggest challenge for me was the exhibition and the speech. I improved my speaking skills this year because when I first came to this class I was very shy but now I can talk in front of my class. Still it’s hard for me to be confident and I always get nervous. At the exhibition I had to speak very loud and in a clear voice because it is very hard to hear a little voice in a big crowd. The biggest change in this year was service and manners. I never knew what service  was if Mr. Saez never told us. Also manners if we still knew the basic manners Mr. Saez taught us manners like saying “Sorry to interrupt your class, may I talk to your class for 2 minutes?” We also had to say good morning and goodbye. Mr. Saez also taught us how to write a formal message to people.  Service made a big change in my life because I never done something for someone else. I really feel proud when I done something that makes a big difference because I can help people and happy.

I think that I have changed a lot during this year. I think that I have become more of a risk-taker because I have contributed to the class and have contributed to many different groups. I now share what I think is correct and I try hard to talk in class. Also, I think that because I have become a more risk-taker I think that I became a better communicator. Also, I think that I have become a more caring person because I have learned manners and I have learned about service. I have learned to say thank you when somebody does something good for me like holding the door or holding something for me when at the beginning of the year when someone had held the door for me I did not say anything and go away. I think that this year has been a very good year that I improved in many things.

I have changed a lot this year because I have become more grateful everything that I am able to have such as good education, food, and clean water. I have also learned a lot about service hand how it is important to be kind and polite to other people as well as to contribute to the community around us. I have also changed a lot because I have become more confident in sharing with the class and contributing to class discussions. I have become more organized during the year because I am able to be aware of the time that I have to complete a task. I have also become more committed because at the beginning of the year I felt like if I did not get something right I won’t continue doing it but now I am more committed to finish what I started and try again if I did not succeed the first time. I have also adapted a positive mindset that makes me more confident in what I do.

When I became grade 5, I was shy and not very social, but had no manners and use violence for fun. I was really shy that when I got in trouble, I couldn’t control my feelings so I cried a lot. Therefore when I faced some events when I need to be in front of people, I was really nervous but still stood up and participated even people was watching me. I started to not escape from the events that I can share my learning and my thinking. I cried when the teacher got mad, but I

I have changed a lot this year and one of the things that has influenced me to change is service because we took action in our local community with fresh fruit friday, rice drive and cemetery cleaning and I learned how important it is to help others that cannot help themselves because a lot of small actions can make a big difference. Another thing that has changed me was the exhibition because I became more responsible and organised because we had to finish everything on time and it was hard to keep staying on task and staying organised throughout the whole exhibition process. At the beginning of the year I did not think I would be ready for middle school but now I am confident that going to middle school will be fine because I have changed a lot during this year.

I have changed a lot this year and one of the things that has changed to be the person I am this year is service. In service I learnt the importance of little actions, and the difference the make an example of a small action might to be say hello to someone or thank someone for opening the door for you. Service has a also taught me the importance of kindness and helping others, it has also shown me the different people that live and exist in society.

The exhibition has also taught me to be more organised. I find this very helpful because it has taught me that when you plan things days get a lot easier, while on the other hand if you aren’t organised sometimes days can be chaos. The exhibition has also taught me to always try to make an impact in what you do, and to never give up when you are far behind, or never slack off when you are far ahead. I have also grown differently physically, for example I have grown taller and my shoulders have become wider.

I have changed a lot during this year with Mr. Saez because Mr.Saez has taught me how important is to help others like doing service and cleaning the cemetery. Also Mr.Saez taught me that how important is manners because you have to respect others.  

This year I grew physically mentally by becoming more confident because I presented my work to an audience most of the time and therefore I became more confident presenting towards others. This year I also became more organised because I had to organize my time a lot during the exhibition to fully complete it. I also changed by becoming more independent because I did a lot of my work alone instead of asking for help like I did last year. I also grew mentally because I became kinder because Mr Saez taught me a lot about manners and service and how important words are for yourself and others. I also grew mentally because I started to become more helpful for example if someone asked for help I always helped them.I also grew mentally because I got a lot of new friends while last year I only had a few friends. I grew physically because I started growing taller and I also changed because I got a new haircut.

I have changed mentally and physically throughout the year because at the very beginning of the year I was not organized and manageable of my time and belongings, and I also changed because of how I react to other things like when I am surprised and happy and others. Different things helped me to become who I am right now. Learning new things like what we/I can do to help others and about how important service is for other people. I also learned about how important manners are than any other things like respecting others more.


Grade 5 has been a great journey for me, and made me change who I am physically and mentally. Now, I am a risk taker, and I am not afraid to speak and show my work in front of people, like the exhibition and my speech. Even though in the beginning of the year, I used to be too shy to share my ideas, because I thought that what I wanted to share might be wrong… I also changed how I feel in particular situations. I have even changed how I think about service. Now I understand that it is a very important thing to do, and can make people feel happy. I already knew about this in the beginning of the year, but I have learnt way more.





June 8

WEEK 36 – 5th JUNE – 9th JUNE


This week we have been working on our yearly reflections – Grade 5S Speech. We have looked at our Making a Speech presentation and have written our speeches and then we have delivered our ideas to the rest of the class. Each student was able to summarise the year with great creativity and they were very honest about how they perceived their year.

It was a very enjoyable experience to see each student shine and share their events for the year.

Rubric to judge our ‘celebration’ speeches


Name: Jung Eun Oh Date: 7/06/17 Class: 5S


Criteria 1 2 3 4 5
Spoke clearly
Spoke loud enough
Personal Stories + Examples included (2 or 3)
Interesting to listen to
Thank you’s to everyone
Polite words + body language
Eye contact + audience awareness


                                                                                                                                 Total = 26     .

Speech Making Assessment Checklist                  

Name: Maité Lefever                                                                                              Date: 7/06/17

Indicators Not yet Starting to Yes!
My speech focuses in on significant experiences from my time in Grade 5
My speech has a logical sequence
My speech has a message and is meaningful
My beginning gives my listener clues about what to expect
My speech is written in paragraphs
My speech has an ending that connects back to my message
My speech has more parts that are more developed because they are important
My speech includes some details of specific events for this year’s experience
My speech has some descriptive words that I chose carefully
My speech uses verb tense correctly

My speech:

A Year Never to Forget

Hello, everybody. I want you to think, think what was your best year in elementary school? If you ask me, it will be 5th grade. If you ask why, I would say, “I am sorry, it is too much, to sum up” well… because it is you, I will tell you some of my highlights and other big things I learned. But first, I want you to think, what you’re highlights were in 5th grade.

  First one of my highlights is camp. Why? Because we got to know each other better, did games, hikes, and we went canoeing, but most of all we learned a lot while having fun. In camp, I learned the most about my friends. Their personalities and what they felt and how I should interact with them without hurting feelings. Not only about my friends that I knew before, I also made new friends. I got to know people that I didn’t know or didn’t know very well before. That was the best part of camp.

  Another highlight of mine was not so long ago, it was the exhibition. Our big grade 5 test if you know what I mean. I did my exhibition about earthquakes. I was kind of, a lot concerned about not getting everything ready on time. I liked the way we had to do our own projects. On the first day of presenting I was not so confident, but the second I was. I was also excited to explain to other kids what my exhibition was about. The best part of the exhibition was that I got to teach other kids and adults.

I am excited for going on to 6th grade. Let me give you an equation to solve. Own computer + more freedom + more responsibility +  lots of other things = growing up! This is how I think middle school is going to be like. I think it will be hard in 6th grade to be the youngest again but that is alright. I think the hardest part of the 6th grade is that there is no whistle at recess and we have to move around a lot. I enjoyed the transition day because we could have a little peek of 6th grade. I am really excited about seeing that great grade 6 teachers again after summer!

This was the first whole year in YIS for me. And you know what? I learned more about Japan and it’s culture than if I would have been in a Japanese school. I also learned a lot about manners and service. For example, I never really thought of the kids who don’t have a good life like us. I learned a lot about homeless and their lives. I learned how bad their lives are and I feel really bad for them. Now over to the happy things again. I learned about, Japanese music in music, I learned about Japanese aesthetics in art, and about Japanese theatres in drama. There is also Japanese language in languages. That makes a lot of Japanese cultures!!!!

Now did you know Yokohama International School is one of the best international school in Tokyo/Yokohama? I didn’t, at least before search it up. So I didn’t really know. Well, of course, I did know. I think I did at least? Well in my point of view it deserves it’s placed there. Think, the food, the sport, did I forget something? Oh yeah, the teachers! I would like to thank teachers for making my year so special. Especially, Mr Saez, he was my homeroom teacher. I want also to thank the other two grade 5 teachers and single subject teachers because they have helped Mr Saez to make my year a year never to forget. Please give them a round of applause.  


We have continued with our revisions for a number of mathematic concepts. Each student has been able to select their own level of learning and they have reflected on the areas for further development.




Mathematical Application

How do I feel at this stage What strategies have I used to learn this concept better I still need help with this What level have I achieved
ORDER OF OPERATIONS I feel very confident because I don’t have any trouble with solving the equations that were given to me. I used P.E.M.D.A.S to help me with order of operations. I still need help with not being able to get confused in negative and positive numbers in the same equations. 1 because I felt I need more help with looking at the problems.
VOLUME I feel very confident and at ease, because I can easily figure out the problems that were given to me, I also feel I can do this at any given time with a certain amount of objects. I used multiplication and measuring to figure out the solutions. I don’t think I need help in this certain topic. 10 because I wanted to feel challenged.
ALGEBRA (determining value) I feel very challenged because I don’t really get algebra completely but I do enjoy it. I used multiplication and timetables to help me figure out the solution to the problems. I think I need to learn to understand expressions better. 1 because I forgot there were other levels that you could work on.
ALGEBRA (simplifying expressions) I feel very challenged because I am not very experienced with expressions. I used multiplication and P.E.M.D.A.S. I think I need to work on learning and working out the value and way of working on expressions. 10 because I wanted to be challenged.
AREA I feel very confident because I find measuring and simple multiplication very simple. I used multiplication and measuring. I don’t think I need any help on this topic. 9/10 because I wanted to be challenged and wanted to have more fun.
DETERMINING MEAN, RANGE, MODE and MEDIAN I feel very confident because I can easily figure out the solution to the problem. I used division adding. I think I need help with long division. 10 because I wanted to be challenged.
DIVISION I feel very confident because I felt like the questions didn’t challenge me and I felt like I am very experienced with this type of talking. I used division. I think I need help with longer and bigger division. 10 because I wanted to be challenged and want to learn more about this topic.
FACTORS I feel very confident because I am very good with factors and that helps with my multiplication. I used multiplication and division. I don’t think I need help with factors. I did level 10 because I wanted to be challenged.
PERCENTAGES I feel very confident because the strategy that I use is very easy and always gets the correct answer. Multiplying and dividing. I don’t need help with this topic. I did level 10 because I wanted to be challenged and wanted to have fun.
PROBABILITY I feel very confident because I felt like the problems didn’t challenge me. Multiplication. I don’t need help with this topic. I did level 10 and 9 because I wanted to be challenged.
IDENTIFYING SOLID FIGURES I feel very confident because I find this topic very easy and very experienced. Identifying solid figures. I don’t need help with this topic. I did level 10 because I wanted to be challenged.
3D SHAPES I feel very confident because I found the sums they gave me not that hard. Identifying solid figures, counting. I don’t need help with this topic. I did level 10 to because I wanted to be challenged and I felt this would challenge me the most.
LINES OF SYMMETRY I feel very confident because I can determine of it is symmetrical. Measuring and drawing. I need help with drawing shapes. I did level 10 because I wanted to be challenged.
ALGEBRA – EXPONENTS I feel not too confident but also not to unconfident. Multiplying, and identifying exponents. I also added. I need help with understanding the equations more precisely. I did level J because I wanted to be challenged and I felt this would challenge me the most.
GEOMETRY – ANGLES I feel very confident because I am very experienced with this topic. Adding and subtracting. I need help solving addition quicker. I did level J because I wanted to be challenged and I felt this would be the best way to do it.
DECIMALS – PLACE VALUE I feel very confident because I have practised this topic for a long time. Place value. I don’t think I need help with this topic. I did level J because I wanted to be challenged.
PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS I feel kind of confident because I got a b- on 7th-grade math which is very good. Multiplication and division, adding and subtracting. I think I need to practice more on everything, I did grade 6 and 7.


June 1

WEEK 35 – 29th MAY – 2nd JUNE


This week we have been working on a number of exciting ideas and concepts. We are revising many mathematical concepts and we are looking at poetry and how people can express their feelings in a particular way. We have written memoirs about important events in our lives. We have shared our love for music. An EXCITING week.


As we are coming to the end of our academic year we are focussing on revising and covering again many of the concepts studied this year. Each student has set their own programme of inquiry for Mathematics, they have chosen their own levels for learning and they are reflecting along the way. Here is an example of what the students are covering and how they are revising previously learnt mathematical concepts. You have access to each of the activities, have a go!!!!!!!




Mathematical Application

How do I feel at this stage What strategies have I used to learn this concept better I still need help with this What level have I achieved
ALGEBRA (determining value)
ALGEBRA (simplifying expressions)



We are currently focussing on how poetry is used as an expression of feelings, emotions, experiences and personal ideas. We read poetry each day, we analyse its context and then we discuss possible meanings. We look at the structure and language features of different poems. We are looking at different poetic devices like similes, alliteration, metaphors and imagery.


We are busy constructing our Memories of Grade 5S. Some of the ideas developed are very interesting, entertaining and above all very informative. Each student is looking back at those events that have happened during the year and that have had a real relevance to us. Here is a student’s sample. We are very excited to share our memories next week.

The End of the Beginning

The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow, life is a crazy ride and this year was one – anonymous. Hi my name is Niels and I am in 5S, and I know for sure that we will not only have crazy rides in our life but we will also have the calm and quiet rides. In my opinion, this year was one of the crazy rides you go on in a theme park, because of all the changes and experiences I have gone through this year. If I had one word to describe this year it would change. I have chosen this word because it resembles all of the changes we have gone through coming from fourth grade. I have also chosen change because we have not only experienced a lot of changes we will also still go through a lot of changes next year.

I know for a fact that almost everyone in the class of 2024 has the same opinion. One example could be that we learned new ways of figuring out solutions because of our new teachers and peers. I think learning new strategies can help you because you can use new strategies in new or different situations. Now going to a new topic I thought the beginning of this year was very active because we will still learn about our teachers and new friends. In the beginning of the year, I believe we tend to judge someone too quickly because we don’t know he or her. For me, this was the case, especially with new peers and friends. This is a natural thing to do, but you should always get to know your teachers and fellow peers because they might be able to help you later on in the year.

Something that really motivated me and changed my thinking this year is service. Service is the action of helping or doing work for someone, and what I thought about a lot is that one little action can have a big difference. I found this very important because you should always try to have a good impact in your local community or even global community. I found service a good learning experience because we tried new things and got to meet new people. I found that service can teach you how to be polite and can also teach you the importance of helping others in need. I can connect service to the exhibition because we had to have an action that could impact the environment or people.

I have really enjoyed this year and I have a few thank you’s to give. First of all, would like to thank my parents for sending me to this school and letting me have this awesome experience in elementary school. I would also like to thank my teacher Mr.Saez for making this experience new and fun, and last, of all, I would like to thank my fellow peers for helping me when I am in hard situations. This is the end of the first hill on the rollercoaster and the ride will keep on going. I know that there will be ups and down but I know that I can tackle anything because of what I have learnt this year.



We have had a great start to our Transition to Grade 6. Today we had Secondary teachers come and talk to us about Grade 6 and our new adventure. We were able to ask questions and have a good discussion with them about Middle School and specially Grade 6. 


May 24

WEEK 34 – 22nd MAY – 26th MAY


This week is only a four-day working week. we have been working on a number of interesting ideas and inquiries. We are starting new units of study and we are also completing units. We have had a wonderful workshop with a visiting artist from Wajima on the East coast of Japan. She introduced the art of lacquer paintings and other artistic works. Susanne was very interesting and the students were very engaged with her explanations and descriptions.

We are concluding our work mathematics (angles) and reading (author’s study). We are in full swing with our Memoirs and the students have selected important events of their lives. We look forward to our final pieces.


We have used a number of different pieces of work to develop our ideas about angles, its properties, and sizes and measurement. Each student has been working on their individual projects.


We have designed a different format to assess this unit and each student had a personal project to focus on. We looked at the perfect day and how it should be like. The students had to design a 360° circle. They had to use protractors and compasses. They carried out a number of interesting inquiries on how to find out percentages, make conversions and drawing conclusions.



  • Free borrowing of book stock covering an extensive range of subjects, genres, and experiences
  • Free access to reference resources, including online subscription services
  • The resources to help people educate themselves
  • Free access to computers and the internet for everyone
  • Support for research using online resources as well as print resources that are not available on the internet
  • The opportunity to participate in book groups as a leisure activity, or an activity to support mental health and wellbeing, or rehabilitation
  • Homework classes for children who need extra support outside school hours and study spaces for children who don’t have a home environment they can work in
  • Children’s reading challenges and events, which encourage children to continue to read and develop their literacy skills





Last week we celebrated Rachel’s birthday, we all had yummy cookies. We congratulated her on her special day.

May 18

WEEK 33 – 15th MAY – 19th MAY


This week we have been covering a number of interesting concepts and new ideas. Our mathematical work has been geared up to learn about angles, its properties, and types. We have used a number of practical ways to learn about angles. Our Author’s study is evolving nicely and we continue to focus on reading strategies to gain a better understanding of the text. We have started to work on our Memoir genre and we are developing great ideas to use to write a meaningful piece of work. This week we have had our first class discussion about Puberty changes, a great opportunity for us all to clarify our own ideas and thinking about changes during this important period in our lives.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean


This week we have focussed on learning about:

a. measuring angles and using the correct tools to find out it

b. estimating angles

c. identifying angles and describe its properties




Angle introduction What do I know?

  • Each angle has a vertex
  • Each angle has at least three points
  • If you call the vertex of the angle A and the other points B and C than you would call the angle either CAB or BAC (The vertexes name always has to be in the middle)
  • There are three types of angles, the largest being a straight angle, the  second largest being an Obtuse angle, The second smallest one being a right angle and then the smallest is acute angle
  • An angle is measured with degrees
  • There is an angle in every 2D shape except for a circle and an oval.
  • Angles can be measured with protractors
  • Angles can be found almost everywhere
What is an angle and how do we label, measure and construct them?
  • An angle is a number of degrees between two connected lines known as arms or rays.
  • Labeling Fractions is shown in the picture below
  • We measure angles finding the amount of degrees between the vertex and the two arms.
  • We construct them by creating two lines (arms) that are connected to each other.
Measuring and drawing angles
  • We measure angles finding the amount of degrees between the vertex and the two arms. We can use a protractor to measure this.
Learn how to measure angles using a protractor. You put the vertex of the angle in the middle of the protractor and then see at which number the arm is pointing and that number is the amount of degrees it is.


Measuring Angles Review
  • Angles are measured in degrees and you measure an angle with a protractor
  • Angles have a vertex and they have arms.
  • There are four angles, a straight angle, a obtuse angle, a right angle and acute angle.
Constructing angles
  • Put the vertex of the angle at the middle of the protractor.
  • Check at what numbers the arms look at.
Inquiry Level Strategies Used Reflection
Determining Angle Visually 10 We used estimating I thought this was easy because I am already an expert on angels and I do not find it hard to estimate angels.
Determining Angles with Protractors 10 Using online protractors I thought that this was hard because it was challenging to see the exact amount of degrees of the angle.
Estimating Angles 10 Drawing angles and estimating angles I thought that this was challenging because I am not that good at drawing angles.
Finding Missing Angles 10 Adding and subtracting I thought that this was challenging because I have never done this before and I just learned about this.
Angles less than 90 J/I Estimating and measuring angles. I thought that this was hard because I am not that good at measuring angles.
Angles between 5 and 175 I/J Estimating and measuring angles I thought that this was hard because I am not that good at measuring angles.
Individual Task Creating and measuring angles. I learned how to name angles in different ways and how to make angles.
FINDING MISSING ANGLES 1 Creating angles. Adding and subtracting. I learned how to find missing angles and how to create angles.


We have continued to work with our reading strategies so we can gain a better understanding of the message. Each student has worked on their own novels and some of their chosen works have been in different languages.

Readers Grow Ideas about their Characters (Emphasizing, Inferring and Synthesizing – Tracking Ideas

SYNTHESIZING our thinking about characters EMPATHIZING our thinking about characters INFERRING our thinking about characters
At first I thought the character…. I can empathize with my character by predicting what he/she will do/say and then read to confirm my predictions…. OBSERVE

What do I actually see?

Then my thinking changed…. I can grow a unique idea about my character by developing clear ideas …… WONDER

What I do not know but I want to know?

My thinking changed AGAIN….. INFER

I think…..


My new thinking is…..



This week we have started our MEMOIR UNIT, we have developed some on demand pieces and now we are looking at characteristics for its structure and language features.


I have more freedom when I write fiction, but my memoirs have had a much stronger impact on my readers. Somehow the ‘message,’ even if I am not even aware that there is one, is conveyed better in this form.

Isabel Allende

Write the name of the memoir under each box and be ready to discuss it with a partner

TRUITT A Favorite Memory Alaska Beyond Tears
FELIX Alaska All Dogs Go To Heaven Beyond the grey sky
CHAHEL A favorite memory All About My Life Abuleo(Grandpa)
WILLIAM A Day To Remember All Dogs Go To Heaven Death’s Lesson
KENTA Another Soccer Weekend Death’s lesson All dogs go to heaven
DAAN Another Soccer Weekend The Greatest Dog Ever Beyond Tears
NIELS A favourite memory Deaths lesson Blinded by the Light
EMIL Beyond Tears Death’s lesson A favorite memory
NAOTO A Favorite Memory Another Soccer Weekend All About My Life
KOHKI A Cosmopolitan and a Nap Another Soccer Weekend Death’s lesson
ZHANSAYA A Day To Remember All dogs go to heaven The Greatest Dog Ever
RACHEL A Cosmopolitan and a Nap Death’s lesson Blinded by the Light
ANNETTE A Favorite Memory Blinded by the Light Death’s Lesson
RIKA A Favorite Memory Death’s lesson All dogs go to heaven
CHAE YOON All About My Life Death’s Lesson All Dogs Go To Heaven
JUNGEUN Time for Change The bee
MAITÉ All Dogs Go To Heaven Alaska Death’s Lesson
MINORI A favorite memory Another Soccer All about my life
KANO A Favorite Memory All Dogs Go To Heaven Deaths lesson
KAE All about my life Death’s Lesson


We had a great week inquiring about some of the basic understandings about “puberty”. the students designed the inquiry and look at issues they were concerned and wanted to learn more about it.


May 12

WEEK 32 – 8th MAY – 12th MAY


We have had a wonderful week where each student has been able to work very independently on a number of personal inquiries (i.e. identity, author’s study, personal opinion writing, and measurement – angles). The quantity and quality of the work have been very effective and each student in 5S should be very proud of their achievements this week.

Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.

Khalil Gibran


This week we have been focussing on two mathematical strands: numeracy and measurement/angles. The students have selected their level for learning and we have had some great discussions about using different strategies to find solutions to the given problems.

Here is an example of one of our students work NUMBER SENSE DOCUMENT. Each student has been able to reflect and has identified areas for future improvement.

We have started a new unit on angles (measurement, classification, and drawing). Our work has been based on how we can draw angles and the use of a protractor to construct angles. Please check one of our students work to visualize how angles can be measured, constructed classified and drawn.



This week we have been working on our AUTHOR’S STUDY. We have looked at a number of reading strategies, Most of the students have moved to their second book.

here is a sample of what each student is working on. Enjoy the reading. AUTHOR’S STUDY.


We have worked on our opinion personal writing pieces of work.


Beagles are the best pets!

Have you ever wanted a great pet that is very fun to have or to play with? Well, I believe that Beagles are the greatest pet that you can get. Beagles are incredibly cute because they are small dogs that have long floppy ears. Beagles are super loyal to their owners because they can detect human emotions. They are funny, playful, energetic and friendly dogs and therefore they are great family pets. They are small dogs that never seem to grow. If you are sad a Beagle will always cheer you up. They might not listen very well but that makes it extra fun to train them. Not only are Beagles the best dogs but they are the 5th most popular dog breed and they are the 3rd most bought to breed. Beagles are the best pets!


The first reason that Beagles are the best pets is that they are Incredibly cute. They have long floppy ears, black brown and white fluffy fur, and they always stay small dogs and that combination seems to make them incredibly cute. They seem to make funny actions for example just run around the house for absolutely no reason and them also sometimes just follow small insects around for a very long time. When a Beagles is sniffing something their nose is very cute. Beagles are incredibly cute!


The second reason that Beagles are the best pet is that they are very loyal to their owners. They are always very happy to see you when you come back home, and they always seem to be wanting to play with you. If you lie down on the couch a Beagle will always lie down with you. If you are sad a Beagle will try to cheer you up. They can do this because they can detect your emotions. They will cheer you up by trying to play with you or just simply be staying around you and that always helps. Beagle’s might get carried away easily but they remain a super loyal pet!


The third and final reason is that Beagles are great family pets. They are friendly dogs even though they have hunting instincts. they love anyone that they meet. They are super playful and energetic dogs. They do not bite easily which means that most kids will not be scared of them. They are small dogs and they always stay small so they will not be taller than a toddler. They are super cute and therefore every kid loves them. Beagles are a great family pet!


In conclusion, Beagles are the best possible pet you can have or that you can get. They are super cute small dogs that have long floppy ears and that are energetic. They are incredibly loyal to their owners and they can detect a human’s emotions. Beagle’s are super great family pets because they are friendly, playful, energetic, cute and funny dogs that are small so it is not larger than most toddlers. If you are getting a pet get a Beagle. Beagle’s are the best pet that anyone can have!


Daan Storm Verschoof


This week we have been focussing on our Finding Out stage of the inquiry. Each student has been able to share their own ideas about their identity and has shown this in a very creative way.

Stage of the Inquiry: FINDING OUT – 1


Audio Essays Response to the recording – Personal Thinking Main Ideas How does this recording HELPS you to figure out IDENTITY?


Stage of the Inquiry: FINDING OUT – 2


Draw a graphic organizer. Put  your name in the middle. Around the outside of your name, list as many “Identity identifiers” about you as you can.

What did you come up with?

– How is your visual organizer information different than your neighbours sitting next to you?

– Do you share any similarities or differences?


Stage of the Inquiry: FINDING OUT – 3


What influences people’s identity (causation)?

Find images that best represent who you are, think about your hopes, goals, hobbies, likes, dislikes, wants, fears, thinking, etc


Stage of the Inquiry: FINDING OUT – 4


Tip of the Iceberg – Use this organiser to represent your ideas about identity. Think about what is visible and what are the hidden elements of “identity”.


Stage of the Inquiry: FINDING OUT – 5


POETRY – Create a poem that talks about your identity – we need 3 stanzas and you need to record your poem but you can not use your face.


May 8

WEEK 31 – 1st MAY – 5th MAY


Sports Day 2017

Happy Golden Week! We have had a very short but fruitful week. We used a lot of our time to reflect on our Exhibition and then we looked at different ways to implement our actions as a result of our exhibition work. Now we are focussing on a number of different activities. For language, we are looking at opinion writing and focussing on an author. For mathematics, we are looking at number strategies and we have started our new unit of inquiry and looking people’s identities.


For the next few weeks, we will be looking at different numeracy skills and strategies. our focus is to look at more difficult problems for:

  • rounding to 100,000 and 1,000,000
  • comparing large numbers
  • writing numbers in expanded form
  • negative numbers and
  • order of operations

Each student has been given a level they want to work at and develop their own ideas where they think they should b eat. They reflect on what they have learned and describe the process they have used to find the correct answers.




We continue to work with our Author’s study. Each student has selected a particular author and has chosen a number of books that relate to them and we continue to work with a number of reading strategies aimed at developing strong reading skills.




Convince your reader: Provide examples and reasons to make your opinion clearer.


Sentence Starters Transitions to use in each paragraph Transitions to use in your conclusion
  • In my opinion
  • I think
  • I strongly believe
  • I feel
  • My favourite
  • For example/instance
  • Another reason
  • In addition/additionally
  • First, second, thirdly and finally
  • In conclusion
  • For all the reasons given
  • To summarise
  • To sum it up
  • As you can see
  1. Topic to be shared
People should not have a diary


2. Title for your opinion writing
Your Secrets Stay With You


3. Start your opinion clearly in a single complete sentence
In my opinion, people should not have a diary to write in.


4. Convince your reader: Provide examples and reasons to make your opinion clearer.



People can be able to unlock a diary, even with a key. This will release your secrets which is the opposite point of a diary.

  2. These videos are how to pick a diary lock with household materials.





The best way for people to express themselves is to speak, not to write.
LINK(STUDY)  A study has shown that 67% out of 100% speak to express their feeling and emotions.


Even if a diary is a password or voice protected, people can still get into your diary. People can record your voice, hack into it, and even unscrew the screws to get into your diary.
LINK(VIDEO) This is the video of a person getting into a voice protected diary. The person just uses a screwdriver, that’s it.


5. Conclusion


We have started our new inquiry and we are looking at people’s identities and what makes us who we are.

An Inquiry into  beliefs and values; human relationships including families, friends, communities, and cultures.


Central idea: A person’s identity is shaped by a range of factors.


key concepts (form, function, causation, change, connection, perspective, responsibility, reflection) to be emphasized within this inquiry? 

·              causation

Students to be able to analyze and explain the factors that shape a person’s identity.

Key questions: What affects your identity? Why do those things affect your identity?

·              connection

Students to be able to identify the different ways they and others behave based on their identity.

Key questions: What are the differences and similarities in your identity behaviors and others? What have you done to accept and/or respect others?

·              responsibility

Students to be aware that everyone comes from a different place and be able to accept and respect similarities and differences.


Related Concepts:  identity, spirituality, diversity, perception, tolerance,

Oral language: listening, speaking, visual –

observable forms of communication


What lines of inquiry will define the scope of the inquiry into the central idea?

·                    What influences people’s identity (causation)

·                    How identity influences the way people behave (connection)

·                    How people use their awareness of differences to interact with others (responsibility)


Teacher Questions

  • What affects your identity?  causation
  • Why do those things affect your identity?  causation
  • What are the differences and similarities in your identity behaviors and others? connection
  • What have you done to accept and/or respect others? connection
  • With an understanding of people’s difference, how do you interact with others? responsibility
  • What is your responsibility interacting with others who are similar or different to you?  responsibility



This week we celebrated Felix’s birthday- thank you for the yummy cakes

April 26

WEEK 30 – 24th APRIL – 28th APRIL


What a great week!!!! Each student in 5S should be very proud of their achievement. They have worked extremely hard to acquire new learning, make new connections and to think and take concrete action on their chosen inquiries. Our focus now is to record and discuss our next steps and how we will be reaching out to our local community and share our passion. Some students have already started this process and they have held a number of class talks, speak to different organisations about their concerns and possible ideas.


Our opening night was a great success, students were able to share with their parents and they were able to describe their learning with great confidence and with a strong sense of knowledge and accuracy.


Name 3 Things I have learned about myself during the Exhibition
  • I learned that, if I put my mind to something and I am really passionate about something, I can achieve my goal.
  • I learned that if I am prepared and I know my topic well, I do not have to worry and be stressed about my exhibition because I will be ready for it.
  • I learned that I should not get off track and I should keep track of time and not get distracted.
  • I learned that when I really understand and are interested in your topic, I can achieve anything and have fun!
  • I learned that hard work can pay off even when the journey seems like the worst, the experience can be the best. I think that this is important because it happens to everybody in the world.
  • I learned that kids age 3-5 and adults can still understand my topic and be interested in my topic in terms of the way that I explain to my audience. Emil was here Emil was here Emil was here Emil was here Emil was here Emil was here
  • I learned that I can explain things to little kids, like people in elc or in kindergarten so that they can understand.
  • I learned that I need to be more creative when I am presenting things…
  • I learned that if you take a very small action, it can lead to a very big action.
  • I learned that if I concentrate and do my best I can do a good exhibition and people will like it
  • I learned that my action have a big impact to the animals and my action means a lot and is important for the environment
  • I learned that I really love the nature so I care so I think I did a good job spreading the word and my work and my exhibition means a lot to me
  • I learned that I can explain small kids and adult in a good talk because I talk to adult and kids in a different way, but the same thing.
  • I learned that when I work hard it makes a big different to my work because some people didn’t work as I did and that did make a difference to me and others.
  • I learned that I am brave and strong talker so other people can hear me when other students are talking. I also learned that I can talk clearly to other and not talk in low volume.
  • I learned if I was passionate about somethings, I will try my best to figure things out and tell that to people.
  • I learned that people can make a mistake because I had a lot of misunderstanding or have a mistake, but we tried to solve the problems so at last I (we) ended having an awesome time and understand many things.
  • I learned that I actually understood my topic well because when I was presenting my exhibition I explained my topic well and I think that I thought somethings that audience didn’t know about.
  • I learned that if you really understand your topic well, you can speak to the audience confidently and share your learning I have done. I also learned that before I take an action I have to interview an expert and I need to understand my topic well.
  • The challenging part was to find images that match to my facts I have on my board, then if little kids can not understand the facts, I can show them the images and show them how it looks like.
  • I enjoyed my learning because I was able to learn something I never knew. I also enjoyed my learning because I was able to talk confidently and it seemed like my audience understand that gender equality is an important issue.
  • I learned that when you are talking speak loudly and clearly so that the audience understand what are you trying to say.
  • I learned that to be more organized in my work when I am doing an exhibition.
  • I learned that if you know your topic very well you would be confident also when you are speaking you would not be worried to speak but if you have not put the effort you would be worried to speak.
  • I learned that if I prepared you don’t need to be stressed or scared just have to enjoy talking/teaching others
  • I learned that I can explain a hard topic into different words so every age can understand
  • I learned that if you understand your topic good you can do almost everything
  • I learned that I can learn my topic well because when I talked to my audience I knew what I was saying and I was also very interested in my topic and I spoke to the audience confidently.
  • I learned that sometimes when I talked to someone about my topic I forgot some things like the quiz or the graphs because I had a lot of other things to talk about like my action or the importance of my topic.
  • I was not only interested in my topic but I also was interested in other people’s topics so I went to see other people’s exhibitions and it was interesting to me.
  • I learned that I am very organised in my dealings and interviews, in the way that I can manage my time and use my time wisely when interviewing someone.
  • I also learned that I am not afraid to talk in front of people and that I am always very keen to present something that I have worked very hard on and really want to present to someone.
  • I learned that I am very moody in the sense that I change the mood a lot. I learned that because when I am presenting to someone I am very enthusiastic and very dull.
  • I learn always be brave to be able to talk to other people
  • I learn that every time if you work very hard to work on your work, you will be brave to show other people your work at the very end.
  • Be loud when you are talking to other people, then other people can know what you are trying to tell them easily.
  • I learned that you have to always be confident and brave so we can talk and teach people that come to listen to me speak. Also, you have to be brave and confident when you are interviewing somebody to learn more.
  • I learned that action is a very important thing and that you have to help our communities. I learned this when D’arcy came and talked to us about what he is doing.  
  • I learned to be more organized because I had to organize my work in the exhibition and it was first hard for me to organize myself but at the end, I could organize myself.
  • I learned that taking action or service does not mean to serve yourself or to serve others for a price, but to serve others for a good reason.
  • I learned that if I want to do something right, I need to relax/calm down, if I do not, my nerves would be so worked up that I might forget what I was supposed to be doing.
  • I also learned that I need to be confident and I need to do what I think is right, I will not always have somebody to look to when I need something, and that’s part of growing up. We need to learn to make our own decisions.
  • I learned that I have to be confident to explain my ideas clearly to the audience. I learned this because I had to present all my learning in the exhibition to the audience and when I was nervous I made more mistakes and that made it less clear to the audience.
  • I learned that I have to ask more questions to the audience while presenting my ideas. I learned this because there were younger audiences and they got bored when I talked to long.
  • I learned that I should add more pictures in my presentation because I only showed pictures at the very end and that caused some people not to listen to my presentation.  
  • I learned that I have to be confident about what I am talking about to other people so that I can have more interaction with people who come and learn about my topic
  • I learned that it was important for me to speak clearly and interact more with other people and add extra pieces of information just in case people might not understand what I am trying to tell them
  • I learned that I should be more informative to people who ask questions so that I can give them the correct pieces of information and be helpful to them
  • I have learned that it is not always easy to speak to people and be confident and loud but if i tried my best people heard the message clearly. I wanted to look into the audience’s eyes just to make sure that they understood the topic clearly and I tried to be as fun as possible when presenting especially with the younger children.
  • I have also learned that the process seems so short but when you think about it is about seven to eight weeks and that is a long time. When I was doing my work and research it was a little bit stressful so the weeks went by so fast
  • Finally, I learned that this is important to be serious but it is important to have fun when you are presenting and doing the work because if it is all too serious then it will be boring for the audience and for yourself when you are working.
  • I learned that to interact with peop a e is really important thing.
  • I learned that I need to say something to convince people to come to my booth.
  • I learned that you need to really know your topic well just incase  especially with what they ask you.
  • I had learnt that I need to have confidence to speak out loud and clear my mind to organize the information only that I need.
  • I should be brave to ask first and make people come to my booth to make interests on my Topic.
  • I must know that I’m an expert at my topic; so I could be talking about my topic more specific and also add some information that I already more.
  • I learned about myself that I work best when I get to choice of what to learn like in the exhibition we got I choice of what we want to research about
  • I learned about myself that I can show my learning best with visual models
  • I learned about myself that I like to show my learning to different people
April 20

WEEK 29 – 17th APRIL – 21st APRIL

EXHIBITION ……Almost there……..

We are very excited as we are about to complete a very exhausting and demanding process but rewarding experience. Our displays are looking extremely creative and informative. Each student has been focussing on a particular inquiry and they have been looking at global issues with a very local perspective.

FROM THIS                       TO                                 THIS

Student Led Conferences

We were very proud of each student sharing their learning with their families. It was wonderful to see how students immersed themselves with reflections, analysis, and inferring into their learning.

April 12

WEEK 29 – 10th APRIL – 14th APRIL


Guest Speaker – d’Arcy Lunn


On Monday morning this week, we had guest speaker d’Arcy Lunn present about Teaspoons of Change and taking action (connected to their issues for the PYP Exhibition).

Some students were fortunate enough to speak with him in small groups to connect to their inquiries and to gain insight and ideas about purposeful and achievable action.

Some of the questions he presented included:

What is a global citizen? – Someone that makes a difference, someone who is responsible for their actions

Are you a global citizen? – Who I am – what I feel see think and do! The way I think. The actions I take

Can everyone be a global citizen? What can I do as a global citizen?

  • Create action for our community
  • Take small actions to achieve big goals
  1. Listen and learn
  2. Good people with good ideas doing good things
  3. Be a bridge – share with other and connect them to it

What are the things we can do to be a good global citizen? 

  • Use what you like (connected to) to take action
  • Create ideas for other people
  • Start with yourself and your family
  • Make an impact on the local community
  • Don’t only think up idea but put them into action to achieve change

What else can we do? The many little things we do allow are teaspoons or change that are easy to do more often such as turning off lights, not just recycling but reducing and reusing, creating a sharing economy e.g. toy libraries, book swaps, carrying your own chopsticks and plastic bags. Simple and easy but effective!

How we are connected to other things? If we are doing good things for the environment we impact in people

Further considerations…


How do we create big change?

Are you (and your action) help heavy and harm light?



Grade 5 Central Idea for Exhibition


Earlier in the unit, we developed central ideas related to our inquiry choices in small groups.

This week Ms. Catasti came to help us to co-create a central idea for the whole grade.


The process we used:

Step 1 – Individual classes developed ideas for a central idea

Step 2 – As we read them aloud we listening for key words –

  • 5H  – impact, action, community – local/global
  • 5W – change, difference, the world
  • 5S  – future, sustainable, together

Step 3 – Do these words stand out on their own and make sense?  How and why is each word important to our message? Some of the keywords might not fit anymore!

Step 4 – Can we remove any of the keywords? This was interesting as some kids were passionate about certain words.  They started to consider the understanding of the audience.

Step 5 – If we all our ideas together, what would the CI look like.

Step 6 – Students make suggestions for CI based on keywords.

A central idea is a message that’s really important to human beings – everyone should be able to access it regardless of culture, gender, age etc

It’s not about getting as many words in as possible…

It is about how these words are important and why we need to tell them to people!



  • Together we can make a sustainable impact on our community, locally and globally.
  • Responsible action makes a change to our community
  • Individually we can make a small difference, but together we can make a big difference and impact people’s lives
  • People work together to build a sustainable future for our community
  • Together our responsible actions have a big impact on the local and global community
  • Community’s action can change the future together responsibly
  • Making an impact on the local and global community can change people’s lives and make a sustainable future
  • Together as a community we can take action and change our ways in order to create a sustainable future

AND THE FINAL OUTCOME… well, you might just have to wait for the night!