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Sharing The Planet


People have an impact on the environment.

When presented with a flat board and the challenge to create their own world on this limited space, 1S got to work.


Inspired by a book about people’s impact in changing the natural environment and their understanding of the differences between natural and man-made, many children started by creating natural items for their world. Some groups utilised classroom plants to create a jungle environment, others created a lakeside recreational area using clay as sand to play in and another group created mount Fuji. More trees and animals were also created however one group did something completely different by creating a man-made ballet studio.


All items except for the jungle easily fit in the space and all students seemed happy with how their world was shaping.


The following day, most students used their free inquiry time to continue working and were able to peacefully agree on how to add the jungle onto their world.

The problem started when a large hospital was created with lego. The children understood the importance of having a hospital yet it seemed too big.  Some children thought that they could get all the medicine they needed from the jungle.

Another problem, what would they eat? Could they get their food from the jungle? Lucas thought that they could. One group suggested that they would make a supermarket, but where would they get the food for it? This led to the agreement that they would replace the jungle with farmland to grow their food. Surprisingly, all the children agreed to this.

Up until now the children were able to resolve their conflicts quite easily until Jiyaa noticed that some people had larger areas than others and not everyone had a place to live.

The willingness to live in their shop/hospital/lakeside recreational area and to house-share, minimised the need to use much space for housing, and when Coco agreed that Jamil could live on the roof of her house, all students seemed happy with their living arrangement in their world.

By now most of the world was covered with lego but the children seemed happy with the changes and that it seemed to have everything they needed.

It will be interesting to note how the children feel about their world next week and the Skills and Approaches to Learning they are developing as a result of negotiating how to live their shared space.






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