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Signs of Spring


Signs of early Spring is everywhere.

The children were thrilled to learn that the toads were spawning therefore with bucket in hand, off we went to our local pond.

The Journey Begins on PhotoPeach

Back in the classroom the questions started: When will they hatch? What do they eat? How do we take care of them?

When asked what resources they might use to do this research the children suggested: our newly introduced data base, ‘PebbleGo’, books about frogs, the library and the 1S children who had frogs in Kindergarten last year.
After utilising these resources for their research, the children felt confident that the eggs can be left in the small fish tank and that although they most likely will have hatched,  the jelly will provide their initial food. With this knowledge, the children headed off on their holidays without worry.

Here are some signs of Spring the children noticed and photographed around our playground, hopefully they will notice more while out and about during the Spring Holidays!

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