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What Happened to Our Toad Eggs?


The children seemed very happy to be back at school after the Spring break, but were surprised to see that the fish tank was empty.

Why did the tadpoles in grade one not survive? Taito, on his first day in 1S, suggested that possibly the water was poisoned. What caused this? Did we have too many eggs for our small fish tank? We used pond water but that seemed not to be the correct choice.

Luckily Ms Czubak’s tadpoles in grade 2 were fine and she shared some of hers with us.

Committed to help these thrive, the students went back to the books and videos to research. We also went to Ms Csubak and asked what she thought. Ms Czubak said that she used tap water and suggested that the water choice may have been why her tadpoles survived throughout the Spring break. Some books suggested using half pond and half tap and all sources indicated that tap water is dangerous right out of the tap and needed to be set out for awhile before using.

Could the location in the room also be a factor?

We decided to do an experiment to see what conditions might be the best.

We gathered some pond water and placed one jar with tadpoles in half pond water and half tap water in a different place in the classroom. We put another jar with only tap water near the window, and left the other tadpoles in the original place with only tap water to see if the type of water and location has an effect on our tadpoles.

We are looking forward to seeing the results next week.



 We, also spent some time this week in the beautiful Yokohama Necklace Garden. The children loved seeing the displays and playing outside. This is a great time to explore the changes in nature, which fits in with our Unit of Inquiry about all living things going through a process of change.

Playing in the park on PhotoPeach

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