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How tall is Jake?


We have been inquiring into measuring height this week.

Using meter sticks, children developed understanding of  the length of a meter. Realizing that everyone in the classroom is taller than one meter, the children made estimates on the height/ length of objects in the classroom including their own height and the height of the classroom door.

They wondered who was taller, Ms Zoe or Ms Donna. They also wondered about the height of the older students they noticed on the playground. The children were very happy with the wonderful response they got when they asked if they could measure the height of three students in middle school. These students graciously came into our classroom, listened to our estimates and then let us measure them with two meter sticks.

The children started to look out for other people they could measure. How about Jake? They knew that Jake, Ms Donna’s son was a senior in High school, was he taller than the middle school students? They made estimates on his height and kept a look out for him on the playground.

They noticed Mr Ken, who works with Grade 2. They asked him to come in to get measured. The children were getting considerably better at estimating. They knew Mr Ken was taller than Ms Donna and shorter than our 2 meter door and impressed Mr Ken with their logical estimates-some were spot on!

Just as we were measuring Mr Ken, Jake walked into the room. It was perfect timing. The children could compare to see who was taller to help them make close estimates on Jake’s height. Many children refined their initial estimates and made even better estimates on Jake’s height, 182 and 1/2 (They learned about 1/2 when measuring their own height earlier in the day).

A big thank you to all the people who gave us their time to help us with our mathematical inquires.


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