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Our Comittment to Keep the Frogs


The children were thrilled to find that some of the tadpoles/froglets had changed into frogs over the weekend.

This brought a lot of inquiries. How would we feed them? Our research shows that the frogs feed on very small insects. Can we find small aphids nearby?

We took a look and were happy to find what we thought would make suitable food. Gathering this food will require commitment, were we prepared to take on this responsibility?

We had a vote and the result was unanimous. We would keepĀ and take care of them. This meant that the children will need to use some of their free inquiry time to find food and to research how to create and maintain a suitable environment for their class pets. They all seem committed.

Thank you to Jiyaa and Eliza for taking these photos.
Taking Care of Our Frogs on PhotoPeach

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