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A Huge Success


The sleepover was a huge success. The general consensus was that the children want to do it again. Thank you to Alex Thomas for being our extra chaperone and a big thank you to our 3 Grade 9 buddies for playing with us in the park. The sleepover is packed with academic and social learning opportunities. We wanted to share it with parents and wonder what else you would add from your perspective.

*Learning Experience

-Being away from home overnight and understanding the feelings this gives you.
-Organizing their own possessions
-Creating their own sleeping space
-Repacking their possessions
-Making their own snacks (onigiri and sandwiches)
-Working out supplies needed
-Making their own breakfast

Getting Ready for Sleep Over on PhotoPeach

Sleep Over Part 1 on PhotoPeach
Sleep Over Part 2 on PhotoPeach

A big thank you to Mrs. Weekes for making these slideshows.

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