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May 26, 2017
by saitod

A Huge Success

The sleepover was a huge success. The general consensus was that the children want to do it again. Thank you to Alex Thomas for being our extra chaperone and a big thank you to our 3 Grade 9 buddies for playing with us in the park. The sleepover is packed with academic and social learning opportunities. We wanted to share it with parents and wonder what else you would add from your perspective.

*Learning Experience

-Being away from home overnight and understanding the feelings this gives you.
-Organizing their own possessions
-Creating their own sleeping space
-Repacking their possessions
-Making their own snacks (onigiri and sandwiches)
-Working out supplies needed
-Making their own breakfast

Getting Ready for Sleep Over on PhotoPeach

Sleep Over Part 1 on PhotoPeach
Sleep Over Part 2 on PhotoPeach

A big thank you to Mrs. Weekes for making these slideshows.

May 8, 2017
by saitod

Getting Ready for the Grade One Sleepover?

The children are very excited about the sleepover and have waited very patiently to start the planning process. Today we started the planning process, and children are very excited to learn that we will be sleeping in the ICJC building (next to the gym). We used this last year and being in our own “house” was very exciting to the children.

Your child will need to pack

  • 1 stuffed toy
  • 1 book
  • Pyjamas
  • Sleeping bag
  • Small pillow
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Hair brush or comb
  • Face cloth
  • Wash bag to put wash things in
  • Full set of extra clothes
  • Clean underwear
  • Flashlight

The children are excited about managing their own belongings and routines. It will be easier for the children to look after their belongings if they are clearly labeled. The children should practice packing and unpacking their bags by themselves, several times, so that they know exactly what they have in their bags, where to find everything and how to fit it all in. (Sleeping bags can be particularly tricky.) This will help the children feel a sense of control and independence and will ease anxiety. We talked about how everything has to fit in one overnight bag and the importance of “packing light”. While we have discouraged the children from bringing big suitcases (for space and storage reasons), it is important that the bag is big enough for children to fit  ALL their belongings inside easily.

Sleepover unplugged

We proposed that the sleepover be ‘unplugged’, with no electronic devices, after much debate the children have agreed.

The children made their first lists in pairs. We came back together and one group read their list. The other groups ticked off  if they had the same item. This was a great tool for working together.

The skills we are developing during the sleepover

Research skills

Formulating questions


Collecting, recording and analyzing data

Thinking Skills

Dialectical thinking



Social skills

Accepting responsibility

Group decision making


Resolving conflict

Self-management skills


Time management

Code of behavior

Informed choices

Communication Skills





Respect, commitment, independence, confidence, cooperation

April 22, 2017
by saitod

Different Purposes for Measuring

The children continue to develop their measuring skills. This week the children inquired into measuring volume through making play doh. Using the tried-and -true Grade One recipe that Mrs Weekes and Ms Connie have perfected, the children measured flour, salt, boiling water, cream of tarter and food colouring to make perfectly soft and spongy play doh in vibrant colours. Children spend much of their Free Inquiry creating and playing with their self-made play doh.

Estimating and measuring height became necessary when Annemijn, our wonderful student teacher from Holland who spent the week with us, walked into the room. The first thing the students wanted to do was to find out how tall she was and they  impressed her with how closely they estimated her 174 cm height.

Children noticed stark changes in length with our living things this week. The students’ edamame bean plants grew considerably in height, requiring the need to plant them outside in soil. Another growth in length was the legs of the tadpoles that were first discovered on Monday. By Friday, the biggest tadpole’s legs were over 1cm long and seemed to be growing as our tadpoles continue to look more like frogs each day.

As the children chart the changes in these growing living things, they continue to developing understanding of life cycles and the process of change-while developing their understanding of different purposes of measurement.


April 15, 2017
by saitod

How tall is Jake?

We have been inquiring into measuring height this week.

Using meter sticks, children developed understanding of  the length of a meter. Realizing that everyone in the classroom is taller than one meter, the children made estimates on the height/ length of objects in the classroom including their own height and the height of the classroom door.

They wondered who was taller, Ms Zoe or Ms Donna. They also wondered about the height of the older students they noticed on the playground. The children were very happy with the wonderful response they got when they asked if they could measure the height of three students in middle school. These students graciously came into our classroom, listened to our estimates and then let us measure them with two meter sticks.

The children started to look out for other people they could measure. How about Jake? They knew that Jake, Ms Donna’s son was a senior in High school, was he taller than the middle school students? They made estimates on his height and kept a look out for him on the playground.

They noticed Mr Ken, who works with Grade 2. They asked him to come in to get measured. The children were getting considerably better at estimating. They knew Mr Ken was taller than Ms Donna and shorter than our 2 meter door and impressed Mr Ken with their logical estimates-some were spot on!

Just as we were measuring Mr Ken, Jake walked into the room. It was perfect timing. The children could compare to see who was taller to help them make close estimates on Jake’s height. Many children refined their initial estimates and made even better estimates on Jake’s height, 182 and 1/2 (They learned about 1/2 when measuring their own height earlier in the day).

A big thank you to all the people who gave us their time to help us with our mathematical inquires.


April 9, 2017
by saitod

Students as Teachers

Thank you parents for your support with our Student Led Conferences and allowing your child to be the teacher. It was wonderful to watch the confidence the students displayed while leading their parents throughout the various learning engagements and wonderful to note mutual respect. The laughter that permeated was indication that all were having a great time.

February 24, 2017
by saitod

Over 370 Onigiri!

What did you do well today?

This was the question asked when the children reflected on today’s onigiri making event for the homeless. The children talked about how they did a good job of forming the onigiri, weighing, wrapping, cleaning up and showing their parents what to do. They also reflected on how happy they were to be able to contribute to possibly the only food some people would eat today.

The event was a great success. We made over 370 onigiri and the children showed great leadership skills, from the careful weighing of 100g of rice, to organizing parents and in putting everything in the canteen back in place.

OUR SINCERE thanks to parents for your part today and most importantly for standing back and letting the children lead.

Making Onigiri for the Homeless people on PhotoPeach

February 23, 2017
by saitod

We are Leaders not Bosses, Bosses are Grumpy

The children have been working hard to get everything ready for making onigiri for the Homeless. When they were told that this time they would be the bosses and that they had to do all the research and planning, the children were very happy to take on the challenge. Akihiko, however, rightly stated that they were not bosses but rather leaders as “bosses are grumpy.”

One of the first things these leaders did was to ask Chef Darren to visit. They found out from Chef Darren that one onigiri was about 50grams of uncooked rice which is about 100 grams of cooked rice. He also made the suggestion that they make no more than 20 kilograms of rice as that would be more manageable.

How many onigiri would 20 Kg make? The mathematics of helping continued. The students had been practicing weighing 100 grams in order to become good at estimating and weighing 100 grams. These learning engagements can be found on your child’s Seesaw learning Journal.

The Children made their shopping list and on a very windy Monday morning, they took the money they raised from their cardboard arcade and headed off to Homes.

After lugging 5kg bags of rice up the hill back to school, the children discovered that 5kg is pretty heavy. After more mathematical thinking, the students discovered that 1 5kg bag of rice could make 100 onigiri-if each one had 100 grams of cooked rice. That meant that 4 bags of 5 kg would make 400. That became the goal, to make 400 even sized onigiri. That will require a lot of mathematical thinking, but these leaders seem ready for the challenge.

Going to Home’s on PhotoPeach

January 27, 2017
by saitod

It Was so fun and Hard Not to Smile

Joy was the word that came to mind when describing the Grade One Arcade. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely during the event. This was also reflected in the student comments as seen below. You can also see your child’s description of their game on Seesaw.

Grade 1 Arcade on PhotoPeach

Akihiko:  I enjoyed it. All the game was fun.

Ami: I thought I enjoyed it because lots of mum came and played.

Coco: I was happy because parents come more than I think.

Charles: It was so funny. I was laughing so much.

Charlotte: So .. I think parents and my dad liked my game. I put lots of effort into it. I laughed a lot because it was so easy for me but hard for the parents.

Dylan: I think  all the parents like my game and all the good prizes I made.

Eliza: We still have lots of prizes, because we made a lot of prizes. One of the parents got so close to get 100.

Hagyeom: I thought my game was awesome because all the people came to my game and all my prizes were good.

Jami: My game I was making has so many prizes. I needed to make more prizes. I put lots of effort. I put lots of decorations. It was not easy to make.

Jiyaa: All the parents like it. Some parents lost. They were laughing so much. For us it was easy but for them it was hard. They laughed so much.

Lucas: It goes like you need to guess how long the cobra is. It was fun. And there was like 20-30 people came. Jessy’s mum was the only one who guessed in one time.

Natsuki: It was good, everybody got prizes but they didn’t get the big prize.

Renee: I thought it was fun and funny. It was so fun and  hard not to smile. They always laugh.

Seiryu: Lots of customers likes the cobra.


December 16, 2016
by saitod

Celebration of Learning

After a busy morning preparing food, the children focused on preparing to host our celebration of learning. The room was decorated and menues created.

The parents were brought into the room, served food and the celebration was underway. When much fun, food and conversation had taken place the children brought out their stories to share with their parents.

This slideshow captures a little of the magic. THANK YOU to everyone who made this event possible. We are excited to continue our learning journey in January.

Getting ready for the Celebration of Learning on PhotoPeach


Happy Holidays!!

November 22, 2016
by saitod

Parent Sharing

The children were very happy to have their parents come in for Parent Sharing today.
These were some of the things the students wanted to show their parents:
Poetry Books
Feeling Poems
Number Patters
Body Illustrations
Where Does a feeling start, where does it go,drawings
Inner Self Portraits
Things they made in Free Inquiry

It was wonderful to see such proud children and great that parents could also use this time to connect with each other.
Thank you very much parents for your support with our Parent Sharing.

Thank you to Mrs. Weekes for taking these pictures.

Parent Sharing November, 2016 on PhotoPeach

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