4S at YIS

HTWW Week 5

The class was so busy this week we forgot to photograph our learning! You’ll have to head over to our SeeSaw feed to see videos about Pangaea, erosion experiments, and the many ways to model division. Parents, you are encouraged to comment on your child’s work posted in SeeSaw. They truly love hearing what you…

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HTWW Week 4

Students had another opportunity to grow and impact others through service at a local elementary school. During our visit, students at Kigata Elementary School gave a tour, shared their learning, and then quizzed us about the history of their school. Many students set goals to communicate effectively despite not being able to speak the same…

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How The World Works Week 2

A defining condition of being human is that we have to understand the meaning of our experience. —Jack Mezirow This week was jam-packed with activities that stretched us beyond our limits and took us out of our usual routines. In order to help students make sense of everything they did this week, we combined reflection…

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Week 6- Taking Action

As we draw near to the end of our unit, How We Organize Ourselves, the topic of children’s rights clearly became the issue the students felt most strongly about. Many reflected that learning about their own rights was the most important thing they learned. Working with Mr. Saez, 4S had a unique opportunity to connect…

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Reflecting on the Rights of a Child

5 weeks into our unit, How We Organize Ourselves, students were challenged to think about the rights they have as children in Japan and the rights children have around the world. Using the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child, students identified connections between themselves and children around the world using specific rights as…

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Week 2- Poetry

This week we explored poetry. Alliteration is a poem feature. It is when the words in the poem have the same initial sound. We also learned about onomatopoeia it is when you write a sound in letters. We also shared some of our alliteration poems. You can hear us reading them in the videos below.  I…

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HWEO Week 5

In a combined Unit of Inquiry and math project, students created a Flyer Toy with the goal of “selling” it to a targeted group of consumers. Data was collected about the accuracy of the toy, how quickly it can be assembled, sales history, and how far it can fly. They students needed to use their knowledge…

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How We Express Ourselves- Week 4

This week, the students made strong connections between three week-long tasks and our central idea: Media Influences our Thinking and Behavior.  In math, students created a flying toy with the goal of using persuasive and advertising techniques to sell the toy after collecting data about its abilities. Data was collected about how quickly the Flyer…

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Analyzing Media Techniques

We are learning about strategies creators of media use to grab our attention. We’ve posted examples of these techniques and our thoughts on a Padlet. Take a look to see what we’ve discovered.    

Week 7- Sharing the Planet

As the end of our unit neared, I could see the students carefully synthesizing and reflecting on what they’d learned in the weeks prior. Students learned about how their daily choices affect the earth. Small groups created presentations to teach their classmates about items we use daily that harm the earth and made suggestions about…

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