4S at YIS

HTWW Week 4

Students had another opportunity to grow and impact others through service at a local elementary school. During our visit, students at Kigata Elementary School gave a tour, shared their learning, and then quizzed us about the history of their school. Many students set goals to communicate effectively despite not being able to speak the same language. It was a great opportunity to see how learning takes place at other schools and to continue growing friendships.

The essential idea through the week was,  How has the earth changed and how do we know?  Students explored the phenomenon of continental drift and inquired into Pangaea. Using their learning, they predicted the location of the continents 300 million years from now. They made videos and shared them via Aurasma. We invite you to come by our classroom with your iPad or smart phone, download Aurasma, and view the videos using each aura (photo) on the students’ lockers. We hope to update auras on a regular basis to share a variety of work with you!

Rinaldo making his aura!

In math. we explored different ways we can model division. We used a number line, counting cubes and dot arrays. Check out some models below!


Ms. Scott • February 17, 2017

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