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Reflection on Globalization – MOTOMACHI STREET のヤツ.

Reflection on globalization (150-200 words) Use evidence from your portfolio project.
What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of globalization might be?

Advantages: The way Japanese people live changed a bit, so we grew taller and taller. I noticed some Japanese people are taller than foreigners in Japan. In another way, Japan has been importing many things from America and other countries, which then when foreigners are in Japan, they can still purchase American or foreign things.

Disadvantages: Japan, again, has been importing many things from other foreign countries. This means that other foreign countries are also importing many things from Japan, which means that people would be able to buy Japanese things or goods in other countries, meaning it will keep the ‚customers‘ or ‚visiters‘ away from Japan, IN A WAY. Especially because of the earthquake and tsunami.

At the same time it’s good because Japan IS importing things from other countries, mostly from America.

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