About STT

We are the STT, the Student Tech Team in Middle School of YIS. In our school, we have been working on tech tips, facts and advices to share in Middle School assemblies. We are currently posting the videos so far, so it would be easier for students to view the videos again.

We have 4 administrators for this blog, including Ms. Cofino and 3 students from middle school, Aska, Sung Won and Keigo.

They are each from different grades, 6, 7, and 8.








Sung Won

Sung Won is a 6th Grader.








This is Keigo. He is a 7th Grader.







This is Aska. He is an 8th grader.


Recently, with the new sharing of the blog with the HS, we have a fifth admin on the site.

His name is Alex LaBarge in 10th grade and we welcome him.

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