Recommended Apps



Top Productivity Apps:
 – website blocking application block a website on a timer.

BTT (better touch tool) – easily change windows’s size by dragging the window to the side/top/corner of the screen.

gmail notifr – see when you get a new mail in your mac’s toolbar (the bar on the top of the screen).

quicksilver – spotlight like application easier to use. used for making shortcuts as well.

SMCfancontrol – control your fan speed good for times you use applications which makes your mac over-heat.

AppCleaner – uninstall applications completely easily instead of searching for everything related to the app manually.

LiteIcon – liteicon is a simple app which allows you to change your system icons quickly and easily.

Chrome Ad Blocker – well the title says everything… It blocks all the ads and removes all the annoying ads from youtube videos as well as every website you didn’t specifically enable ads on.

Memory Scope – Frees up your computer’s memory by either clicking it or automatically if it freezes.









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