The Kindergarten students have been busy preparing for their first Student-Led Conference. The process started two weeks prior. We introduced this conference as a day for the children to be a teacher to their parents. A question then was “What do you want to teach?”

Lin – Pencil roll.

Daniel – egg roll.

Kodai- egg roll.

Lubna – I wanna teach my mum how to do race 100, and I wanna teach her draw.

Kaito – Teach how to make a cup from clay.

Kai- I wanna teach my mum build stuff.

Silas- I want to teach my mummy how to play “make big dots”.

Grace – I want to teach my mummy how to do chicken game and also – the poking also how to do peekaboo.

Elayna – I wanna teach how to teach the chicken game and I wanna teach my mummy how to cook outside.

Zahra –  I want to teach my mum sweet potato book.

Yuri – Magic number and how to make snow flakes with origami.

Sophia – I wanna show my mummy that (collage).

Nico –  I want to teach my mommy how to draw. She said she is not a good drawer so I’m gonna teach her. 

Caden – Writers workshop.

Yanchuan – Doing camera.

Zahra- Crown.

Emma- Pencil rolls.

Elayna – We learned dangerous roll too.

Lerah- writers workshop and magic number.

After this initial brainstorm, we continued to gather more ideas and came up with this plan.

We organized our ideas into groups and we also used different colors to help us remember each areas of learning.  The children began to think about the many areas and one child commented, “I won’t remember everything.”  They realized that they needed a plan and a bit of practice. Most plans utilized many forms of mark making including words and illustrations to make meanings. Some children organized their plan in sections, some used multiple pieces of paper, and some color coordinated their plan according to the master plan above.


Emma –  Pink is for reading and blue is for making stuff.


The children also planned and discussed how they wanted to organize the space. They designed and designated each learning area to a particular spot. The whole process required them to listen to others’ ideas, negotiate and develop their ability to work as a team. It really showed their ability to organize, plan and execute their objective as well as working cooperatively within a group.

We hope you enjoyed our Student-Led Conference.