To inquire into Who We Are, we looked at the children’s background such as places they call home, where they come from, language they speak and the food they eat. The children explored and discussed their characteristics, abilities, interests, likes and dislikes. They brainstormed their ideas about who they really are and what do they want others to know about them using Mindmap. They shared their ideas and documented them on Seesaw. The children were encouraged to find out about who their friends are and search for something new about their friends that they didn’t know before. Their reflections are on Seesaw. 

We posed these three questions for the children to ponder:

What can you tell me about who you are?

What do you want other people to know about you?

What have you learned in Kindergarten?

I’m six years old.

I go to international school and I learned lots of things and I play with my friends.

I’m in Kindergarten and I learned how to play math games like One More.

I can go fast. I can climb well. My birthday is in March.

I am good at drawing and painting.

I am good at sports.

I learned ants eat rolly polly. And I saw it in real life.

I learned how to write.

I learned how to read the letters.

I can swim.

I am a girl. I like rolly polly and tadpoles. I can do art. I have glasses. I’m 5 years old.

When I grow up I want to do diving. Swimming ocean.

I want to be a movie maker.

In Japanese Culture we inquired into a concept of Cultural Obento. We looked at different colors of food in an bento, read books about food from different cultures. The children thought about their own food culture. The children created a plan for their bento considering their own food culture and incorporated school made Maki Roll as a representation of the Japanese culture. They enjoyed having the Cultural Obento picnic in a park. 

Who We Are – Cultual Obento from Kindergarten S on Vimeo.