As the children become more invested in their inquiry into how ‘Personal journeys show the way that people change and can lead to new opportunities‘ their discussions have gradually become personal. It also showcased their ability to share ideas in a group, listen to each other, develop new ideas, solve problems peacefully and collaborate on planning projects. We have been privileged to witness their development and progress and we are proud to have been a part of their learning journeys this year.

It is our new opportunity, we have to do everything by ourselves. 

The children brainstormed ideas of what are some of the possibilities for this new opportunity.

As we continued our discussions over weeks of preparation, the ideas fused and developed. We finally narrowed down our options: pool party, breakfast at school, dance party, BBQ, watch a movie and bring stuffed animals to school. The children decided to do a blind vote (something they learned from Gr. 3) and the result was Pool party and watch a movie at school. Once this was decided, it was time to plan. Ingredients were listed out and each child volunteered to bring one or two ingredients. The children drew upon their prior experience from celebration of learning earlier in the year. They thought of everything from food, blow up pool, cutleries and utensils to movies for the afternoon when they will be tired and need a rest.

Pizza received the overwhelming votes. The children wrote a letter to Mr. Darren, whom the children think is an expert on making pizza, asking for help. They worked out that pizza dough need to be made ahead of time, thus a schedule was made (see picture above).  Mr. Darren, helped with making pizza dough and baking four trays of pizzas in the kitchen oven.

At the end of the day, we wonder what the children think of their New Opportunity so we posed these questions for them to reflect upon:

What do you think about today?

Lubna   It was so fun to make pizza dough. It’s so yummy to eat pizza. It’s a best day today. I like the pool because we all splash together. We all splash Mr. Claydon and Ms. May. I splash everyone. I want to do that every time.

Yibo      I think so long to go to outside. I like the pool party.

Lin          It was so fun to go into the blow up pool.

Caden    I like that we had a pool party. It was so fun. The pizza was so good.

Yanchaun    I like to splash.

Sophia      I like when I bring my towel and I lie down to do a nap and eat fruit with Yuri. I share towel with Yuri and then we go to the water because it was too hot.

Elayna    It was really fun today and I really like the pizza that we made. It was really fun playing outside at pool party.

Grace    I like to be in the pool and splash around and playing with my friends running around getting splashed and playing with my friends outside.

Daniel   It was really fun at the pool. I didn’t know that the pool was bigger than the mat.

Learah    It was fun the pool party. I played with friends. It was fun because we played with Mr. Claydon and we just splash with each other so it was fun.

Silas    I really had fun with the pool party because it was really fun that we did splashing and all of the other stuff- eating pizza.

Kaito   It was so fun because Mr. Claydon was splashing with the hose.

Nico    Today was so fun because the pool party we all got wet and it was fun.

Cole   I really thought that today was really run because we had pizza and we also have a pool party and we watched Shaun the Sheep.

Kai   I like the pool party because we played with pet bottle and splashed people.

Kodai   Today is so fun because pool is fun.

Emma   The pool was fun and it was fun to go out and it was fun to splash and kind of dive.

Rain   I like how to make pizza. And I like splash up water. I like on pizza a cheese. I like eating pizza. I like cutting the fruit. I like splash in a pool in water and splash people. I like pool party.

What was difficult for you?

Grace   Making the pizza dough because mine kept breaking into little wholes. It was difficult to stop the holes getting in the pizza.

Lin   It was difficult to splash the water to Mr. Claydon.

Yanchuan    It was diff to splash because  different people run.

Emma    It was hard to stay in the water so long because it was really cold.

Lubna   The water was cold but now it’s warm.

Sophia   It was difficult to go in the pool because it was cold.

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