G7 PE Game Sense Analysis

Aussie Football


The Grade 7’s have been using International Football as a tool to analyse Game Sense Problems and create possible solutions. They did so using their Ipads to take footage, playback and then voice over with their analysis.

Here is the teacher’s example. 

Here is the TSC.

Grade 7’s,  the Google Doc that explains how to do the IPad task is below, complete with on line tutorials.

Here is the Ipad task GDoc.

If you would NOT like to use the Ipad for this task but rather, use pen an paper, you may print off the GDoc below, complete and hand it in.

Here is the Pen and Paper Task.

G7 Game Sense in Invasion Sports

Basketball dribble


The Grade 7’s have been analysing invasion games and in particular, Basketball. To be effective in invasion games, players not only need to have 1. Technical Skills & 2. Effective Group work but also 3. Thoughtful Game Sense.

Grade 7’s, here are the documents you will need to complete your assignment.

Assignment sheet, Word Bank & TSC.

Some Game Sense strategies you may like to choose from.

Fotobabble Tutorial


G8 What Makes a Good Performance?


Creating a good performance is essential in many areas of life and requires thought as to what factors actually make that performance worth watching. The Grade 8’s have explored these factors using Dance as a tool and have transferred their learning to other performances in life.

Grade 8’s, below are the documents you need in order to complete your Self Assessment assignment.

Cover Sheet



G7 Striking & Fielding – Decisions Decisions!

110302-N-OA833-008The Grade 7’s are just starting work on their Striking & Fielding games. Here we will be searching for all the decisions that an athlete in these type of sports needs to make; and the factors that influence those decisions.

This relates heavily to the work the Grade 7’s are completing in Tutor. In Tutor, the students are looking at social & academic issues that Grade 7’s come across and the decisions they need to make. The process of Decision Making in any context is quite similar, and it’s important to consider the factors before jumping into a decision!

To access this task, we first of all need to learn to play the game.

Here is part 1 of a video on how to throw a ball.

Here is part 2 of a video on how to throw a ball – TBA

Here is Asuka’s favourite pitcher Yoshihusa Naruse

Q. How is it that good athletes look so fluent and graceful when they are performing?





The Grade 7’s have been working on their ability to use awareness and teamwork when covering the court during the game of Volleyball. Not only are the skills of the game necessary for success, but being aware of where to be and when to move is equally important. Having this good game sense, thinking quickly and moving quickly are some of the concepts that we have been practicing during PE.

Here is the link to the assignment for the Grade 7’s.

Here is the link to the page where Grade 7’s paste their URL.


Cricket & Change


The grade 8’s have been creating and developing a striking and fielding game using the cricket equipment supplied. The game was to take any shape that the students decided so long as it was a true striking & fielding game. Change happens. the nature and speed of change is influenced by many factors. The students explored these factors whilst developing their game and also transferred their thinking from other subjects and areas of life.

Here is the required assignment task.

Here is the task specific clarification.

Here is the unit cover sheet.


Student Lead Conference Prep

Grade 7’s,

Student Lead Conference is approaching and we need to prepare for them. Your parents will come to school and you will guide them through your successes so far this year and discuss with them the areas you feel you need to improve on.

Here is the structure you need to be able to achieve this.

Using the IB Learner Profile, choose 4 that you are really proud of and 1 that you think you need to work on.

Create a Mindmup that looks like this picture.

photo (14)


You will write a CLAIM for each learner profile and a SUPPORT for each CLAIM. Your SUPPORT must contain evidence of work from at least 2 different subjects.

We will work on our CLAIMs and SUPPORTs in class but here is an example and some helpful tips.

Good Luck!