7A Tutor – Time!

Time Keeps on Slippin’

Many of us find it difficult to fit in all of the things that we want/need to do in a day. At school, when things get busy, we need to plan our time well so we can achieve our goals.

Your task for today…
1. Open up a Gdoc, name it “Aitor’s Time”, share it with me, put it in your 7A tutor folder.
2. Find and write 2 english expressions that describe ‘time’ (e.g. “Time is of the essence”)
3. What do they mean? (write a sentence for each)
4. Make a list all of the activities that you do in one day (brushing teeth, homework, walk to school…)
5. Click on this link and do the simple survey – My Daily Schedule.
6. Write a detailed paragraph:- Did you see a problem? What can you do about this problem?

Finished? Find 3 famous songs on youtube about time. Put the link on your Gdoc.

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