G7 Striking & Fielding – Decisions Decisions!

110302-N-OA833-008The Grade 7’s are just starting work on their Striking & Fielding games. Here we will be searching for all the decisions that an athlete in these type of sports needs to make; and the factors that influence those decisions.

This relates heavily to the work the Grade 7’s are completing in Tutor. In Tutor, the students are looking at social & academic issues that Grade 7’s come across and the decisions they need to make. The process of Decision Making in any context is quite similar, and it’s important to consider the factors before jumping into a decision!

To access this task, we first of all need to learn to play the game.

Here is part 1 of a video on how to throw a ball.

Here is part 2 of a video on how to throw a ball – TBA

Here is Asuka’s favourite pitcher Yoshihusa Naruse

Q. How is it that good athletes look so fluent and graceful when they are performing?



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