7A Tutor – Time!

Time Keeps on Slippin’

Many of us find it difficult to fit in all of the things that we want/need to do in a day. At school, when things get busy, we need to plan our time well so we can achieve our goals.

Your task for today…
1. Open up a Gdoc, name it “Aitor’s Time”, share it with me, put it in your 7A tutor folder.
2. Find and write 2 english expressions that describe ‘time’ (e.g. “Time is of the essence”)
3. What do they mean? (write a sentence for each)
4. Make a list all of the activities that you do in one day (brushing teeth, homework, walk to school…)
5. Click on this link and do the simple survey – My Daily Schedule.
6. Write a detailed paragraph:- Did you see a problem? What can you do about this problem?

Finished? Find 3 famous songs on youtube about time. Put the link on your Gdoc.

PSHE9 – My Health Model

Grade 9’s,
During class we have been thinking about our own health, dividing our health into components and creating a visual representation of how healthy we are right now. This is called ‘My Health Model’.

As you know, you are to create your health model, with definitions and the reflective questions answered by the end of class today.

Here is the link to the template as an example.

Do this on a GDoc and share with me. (Name it “PSHE9 2013/14 Jamie’s Health Model)

Remember to publish your work to a grade 9 standard… (colour, borders, fonts etc)

G7 Invasion Assessment – (typhoon day e-learning)

Grade 7’s,
We have been coaching each other in basketball on our Skills, Game Sense & Group Work. Now is your chance to show your detailed and accurate understanding of basketball and community.

Below are the 3 links you will need to complete your task.

PE2013G7- Invasion Games – Basketball – MYPUnit Cover Sheet

Mr T’s Copy of PE2013G7 Invasion Games – Basketball – Venn Diagram assessment

PE2013G7 Invasion Games-Basketball-TSC

Please check Veracross for the due date on this task.
Good Luck!

7A Tutor Field Studies Reflection

Da Cheese rap!

Our significant concept is “Living and working with others creates opportunities and challenges” Explain how this significant concept relates to camp.

Why did we go on camp? Why did we go Mountain Biking? Why did we make Soba in groups? Why did we change the seating arrangements at dinner time?

Use the pictures on Flickr to support your answer. There are also pictures on SmugMug. Use lots of pictures!