7A Tutor – Time!

Time Keeps on Slippin’

Many of us find it difficult to fit in all of the things that we want/need to do in a day. At school, when things get busy, we need to plan our time well so we can achieve our goals.

Your task for today…
1. Open up a Gdoc, name it “Aitor’s Time”, share it with me, put it in your 7A tutor folder.
2. Find and write 2 english expressions that describe ‘time’ (e.g. “Time is of the essence”)
3. What do they mean? (write a sentence for each)
4. Make a list all of the activities that you do in one day (brushing teeth, homework, walk to school…)
5. Click on this link and do the simple survey – My Daily Schedule.
6. Write a detailed paragraph:- Did you see a problem? What can you do about this problem?

Finished? Find 3 famous songs on youtube about time. Put the link on your Gdoc.

Tiki Taka


Grade 9’s and 10’s have been analysing the Skills, Game Sense and Team Work skills needed to play futsal in a tight space. Take a look at the clean passing and neat control of the Barcelona players…

…Take a look at Tiki Taka played in an actual game.

What are the advantages of playing Tiki Taka? Why keep the ball moving around so much?