Tiki Taka


Grade 9’s and 10’s have been analysing the Skills, Game Sense and Team Work skills needed to play futsal in a tight space. Take a look at the clean passing and neat control of the Barcelona players…

…Take a look at Tiki Taka played in an actual game.

What are the advantages of playing Tiki Taka? Why keep the ball moving around so much?

Invasion Games – Coaching Your Sport

During our PE classes, we have been coaching each other in small groups.

What detailed and accurate feedback have you been giving each other?
Do you remember the categories we have been putting our comments into?

Your task is to add to the table for your class.

Grade 7 Link

Grade 8 Link

Grade 9 Link

Grade 10 Link

** Remember to be,detailed, accurate, constructive with your comments.

YIS MYP PE – Welcome Back!


Dear Students, this is a message from Ms Hamada and the PE teachers welcoming you back to MYP PE for the year 2013/14 and welcoming our Grade 6’s to the programme… and of course our new students. We in the PE dept are so excited to see you back and ready for the new year.   When you think about success – what comes to mind and how does this combine with MYP PE?

The Middle Year’s Program (MYP) is the framework that YIS uses from G6-10 in all subjects.  In PE that means that you will need to be ready to ‘Play with Purpose!’– you will need to be ready for much more learning than just knowing the sport!  You should be challenged to be successful as a balanced student – to take risks in trying new concepts; to lead; to support leadership; to be engaged and informed in a variety of units.  You will learn about skills that can applied to a variety of sport models and find your way through these with support.


Group Challenges!

Please come prepared for PE.  Arrive on time and not before, remember we share the facilities to allow all students to enjoy PE so wait your turn!  Please bring your YIS shirt (PE or other YIS shirt) and sports shorts; full water bottle; appropriate shoes for your activities and a positive attitude.  (A towel might be good too to have a quick ‘shower’ as it is super hot right now)

Treat others as you would like to be treated!  Respect goes a long way, show respect for your learning, your environment, your peers and your teachers and especially respect yourself.  We hope that you will Try your best in every lesson, that is what we hope is your expectation of your own learning too.

Feeling sick?  Try staying at home and recovering so you are back on your feet more quickly.  If you have to be at school, please bring a note or have your parent/guardian shoot us an email so we know what is going on with you.  If you have a long term issue, please let us talk to your therapist or your parent/guardian, we want to see you active and doing the best you can do with your injury or illness.  If you feel sick during the school day, please go and see the nurse before you come to PE.

Want to contribute to positiveness in PE?  Then please leave your valuables in your locker – there is no safe place in PE for them.  If you need to use your phone, camera or computer in PE , your teacher will let you know.

Have a great time in PE, choose to learn and come and ask for help if things become too daunting!

Ms Hamada, Mr Thomas, Ms Clark