Writing letter in Japanese にほんごのてがみ

You are writing letter in Japanese today.
Please use lined paper.
They are in the drawers (probably the second one from the bottom) by the white board.
Write neatly. Write draft first then neat copy should be written.

Who are you writing to ?

Next year’s Japanese teacher, ISE SENSEI

Please start your letter



Introduce yourself.
Your name, nationality, your birthday (in Kanji), where you live, how long you’ve
been in Japan, family (especially if you have siblings at YIS), hobby, what you like,
sports, places you have lived in other than Japan, and more.

Tell Ise sensei
What you would like to do next year in Japanese class
What you are good at in Japanese language.
What areas you think you need to improve in Japanese language.

Ask Ise sensei questions !!
Ise sensei has 2 boys at YIS. How old are they ? What are their names ?
Ise sensei rides bicycle to school. Where does he live ? Where does he go on his
bicycle other than commuting to school ?
Ise sensei is a good singer and an actor. He was on TV when he was very young. Ask him
about the TV show.

Talk about your summer plan and ask Ise sensei about his plan.

Wish him a nice summer. よい なつやすみを!
Today’s date in Kanji
Your name in Katakana   

Again, write neatly as I will give your letters to Ise sensei.
It is a good opportunity for you to give your future teacher good impression.

Please place your letter on my desk.