Wednesday December 5

Jovia, Saimon and Sean

Choose one club activity that YIS offer and Japanese schools don’t.
Please explain about the activity you’ve chosen in Japanese. 200 characters.

Brad, Ali
Use the website below and write a sentence for each word in Lesson 3. Please copy and paste to go to the website below.

Anya, Louis
Use the website below to practice hiragana, katakana. Please copy and paste to go to the website below.

Wednesday December 5

period 1
Check the vocabulary and kanji for Lesson 14, Genki book using the web site below.
Please copy and paste the link below.

period 2
Write about the gift you have received and the gift you have given to someone.
200 characters for each. Share them with me using Google Drive.

Monday December 3

Exchange your menus and ask questions.

Menu questions
1)これは なんですか? kore wa nan desuka what is this ?
2)あじは? ajiwa Taste ?
3)ざいりょうは なんですか? zairyou wa nandesuka ingredients ?
4)いつ たべますか? itsu tabemasuka when do you eat?

Possible answers
1) name of the dish です。
2) からい hot
 しょっぱい salty
 すっぱい sour
 あまい sweet
 スパイシー spicy
3) にく meat
 やさい vegetable
 たまご egg
 パン bread
 ごはん rice
4) あさごはん breakfast
 ひるごはん lunch
 ばんごはん dinner
 いつでも anytime

Use your laptop to record your conversation during period 6. Photo booth. Garage Band.