Gr.9 Anya, Brad, Louis and Ali Wed. Jan.23 & 25

はじめてのデート (The First Date) Lesson 4 p102-127

Vocabulary: Read aloud the vocabulary introduced in p104-106.
Study them and quiz each other.

Dialogue: Read aloud the dialogues in p102-103
Copy them in your notebook (including kanji and the reading for them).

Grammar 1: Xがあります/います 
Read the explanation in p107-108
Practices: Answer the questions in Practices in p11-116 1 A, B & C. Write your answer in
your notebook. Use Appendix p365~ for the words you don’t know for A.
Make sure you use あります and います correctly for B.
Ask each other questions about Takeshi’s schedule for the week. After School is
ほうかご in Japanese.

Exercises: Ask each other questions based on your schedule.
       For example,

Tuesday February 5
Grammar 2: Describing Where Things Are
Read the explanation in p108-109

Location Words: See p106 and say where things/people are.

Exercises: textbook p117 A & B
Workbook: p36 & 37

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