Gr.9 2月28日木曜日 Thu.Feb.28

Jovia, Sean and Saimon
p97~ 第6章 病気と健康 Sickness and Wellness

Read the manga in p98-99
Find out the meaning of キリキリ、ズキズキ、シクシク and other Onomatopoeia. See p116.

Learn new vocabulary in p100-101.
Write them in your notebook and find out the meaning.
Answer the questions in p101.

Alli,Anya, Brad and Louis
See p127 in the text book.
1. Write 5 important dates for you in Japanese and explain what they are.(in your notebook)
ex 8月17日はうんの先生のたんじょう日です。
2. Write 10 sentences using the Time Words in p127.

Gr.9 February 22

Jovia, Saimon and Sean Reading Comprehension
Answer the questions in p92
Read “みんなの歳時記” p93
You can use dictionary and you can work together.
Answer the questions in p94
Write your answer for 1-4 in lined paper. For 1 & 4, write short paragraph.

Louis,Brad,Anya and Ali
Genki text book p111 “も”, p112 “一時間” “たくさん” p113″と” and do the exercises p125.

Gr.8 少年の日の思い出

Google docでシェアした「少年の日の思い出」について考えましょう。

3月5日(火) p48-49













Gr.11 「こころ」進行予定 2月から春休み明けまで

2月11日 「先生と私」を読み終えます。
  12日 「先生と私」を要約します。2月25日提出 Summative Task 
      ・あらすじ 400字以内

2月21日 「両親と私」を要約します。 Formative Task 2月28日(木)
      ・あらすじ 400字以内

2月22日 「先生と遺書」を読み始めます。

2月26日(火)漢字クイズ p20−21 人の体(1)

3月5日(火)漢字クイズp22−23 人の体(2)


       Written Task の準備 Summative task 4月11日下書き提出


Gr.6 2月6日すいようび

First 10 minutes:
Please practice self-introduction with Erik and Pia before they give their introduction to whole class.
Everyone should give their self-introductions including Erik and Pia.
Then I will ask some questions.

The rest of the class will work on their family members’ hobbies.
Practice with note cards, record it for further improvement.
When finished recording, you can try hiragana/katakana game.

Erik and Pia will record their self-introductions using GarageBand.

Gr.6 かぞくのしゅみ & Self Introduction for New Students in class

Monday Feb. 4
Erik and Pia will listen to the CD to practice greetings.

Amira, Mark, Aner, Garrick, Arief, Aiden, Georgios, Idan, Joseph and Jean Baptise.
You are going to give presentation on “かぞくのしゅみ”。
It would be a good idea to bring some pictures that will help your presentation.
Write about each of your family member in note cards so that you can use them for your oral presentation.
Presentation will be on Thursday Feb,7

You will be divided into 2 groups.
You will have one new student in your group.
You give your self introduction to your group member.
Then each one of you will explain and demonstrate one phrase from the list below.
You will practice new student’s self introduction as a whole group.
As a group you give a self introduction to whole class at the end of the class.

1.おはようございます Good morning
2.こんにちは Hello
3.おげんきですか? How are you ?
4.はい、げんきです。ありがとう。あなたは? I am fine, thank you. And you ?
5.さようなら Good by

Self introduction
1. なまえは〜です。 My name is ~.
2. くには〜です。 My country is ~.
3. 〜さいです。 I am ~ years old.
4. 6ねんせいです。 I am in 6th grade.
5. うちは〜です。 My house is in ~.