Gr.6 かぞくのしゅみ & Self Introduction for New Students in class

Monday Feb. 4
Erik and Pia will listen to the CD to practice greetings.

Amira, Mark, Aner, Garrick, Arief, Aiden, Georgios, Idan, Joseph and Jean Baptise.
You are going to give presentation on “かぞくのしゅみ”。
It would be a good idea to bring some pictures that will help your presentation.
Write about each of your family member in note cards so that you can use them for your oral presentation.
Presentation will be on Thursday Feb,7

You will be divided into 2 groups.
You will have one new student in your group.
You give your self introduction to your group member.
Then each one of you will explain and demonstrate one phrase from the list below.
You will practice new student’s self introduction as a whole group.
As a group you give a self introduction to whole class at the end of the class.

1.おはようございます Good morning
2.こんにちは Hello
3.おげんきですか? How are you ?
4.はい、げんきです。ありがとう。あなたは? I am fine, thank you. And you ?
5.さようなら Good by

Self introduction
1. なまえは〜です。 My name is ~.
2. くには〜です。 My country is ~.
3. 〜さいです。 I am ~ years old.
4. 6ねんせいです。 I am in 6th grade.
5. うちは〜です。 My house is in ~.

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