Gr.9 2月28日木曜日 Thu.Feb.28

Jovia, Sean and Saimon
p97~ 第6章 病気と健康 Sickness and Wellness

Read the manga in p98-99
Find out the meaning of キリキリ、ズキズキ、シクシク and other Onomatopoeia. See p116.

Learn new vocabulary in p100-101.
Write them in your notebook and find out the meaning.
Answer the questions in p101.

Alli,Anya, Brad and Louis
See p127 in the text book.
1. Write 5 important dates for you in Japanese and explain what they are.(in your notebook)
ex 8月17日はうんの先生のたんじょう日です。
2. Write 10 sentences using the Time Words in p127.

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