Gr.9 Monday March 18

Jovia, Saimon and Sean
ドラえもんのどこでも日本語 p106 やってみよう
You will be writing an article entitled “Hot News” for YIS newspaper. What’s happening around your school this week and after spring break ? Think about what is new, interesting, or important to students. Gather information by interviewing others. Write your memo in your notebook. Choose one or two and write an article in Japanese.

Anya, Ali, Brad and Loui

Genki book
Exercises p137-p140

Quiz on Monday March 18

Quiz on 10 katakana words in the worksheet on Monday. Matching katakana and English.

エミュー       Emu 
バーベキュー barbecue
チョコレート chocolate
パーティー party
キャンプ camp
ジャカルタ Jakarta
ウィークエンド weekend
マディソン Madison
ジュース juice
コンピューター computer

Gr.9 Week of March 11

Jovia, Saimon and Sean

Monday March 11
You will go over the new vocabulary (p100) in class.

Wednesday March 13
Vocabulary test
You are expected to know the new vocabulary in p100 and answer the questions 2, 3 in p101 and question 1 in p104.

classwork p106 やってみよう3

Thursday March 14

Kanji quiz
Lesson 8 in “Write Now” p77-84 (You have done Lesson 8 in class already).

You will complete the information sheet for new patients at the hospital in class. Look up the words you do not know in the dictionary.

Anya, Ali, Brad and Louis

Monday March 11
On the right hand side, under the BLOGROLL, click the Genki Self Study and choose Genki Exercises and choose Lesson 5. Start from いadjective to see if you get them right.
Please test yourself until you get 100%.

Wednesday March 13
Vocabulary quiz on いAdjectives

Thursday March 14
Vocabulary quiz on なAdjectives, noun, verbs and others.

Gr.10 えいが アリエッティ

After movie task: Please reply to this post in Japanese.

アリエッティのあらすじをかきましょう。write the summary of the story.
アリエッティのすんでいるところ where she lives
アリエッティのかぞく her family
アリエッティのくらし her everyday life
しょうのしょうかい introduce Sho

しょう Sho, the boy’s name
ゆかした under the floor
かくざとう sugar cube
こびと little people
おばさま aunt
ちちのゆめ father’s dream, (sho’s aunt’s father)
はるさん Haru san
ドールハウス  doll house
ひっこします  to move
だいどころ  kitchen
かべ wall
なかま  fellow
ほろびゆくしゅぞく  doomed species
いきのこるために survive
あたらしい new
たぬき racoon
だんごむし rolly-pollies
しんぞう heart
***は〜につかまりました   ***was caught by 〜
こわかったです was scared
〜がじょうずです is good at〜

えいがのメッセージは何だと思いますか? what do you think the message of this movie is?

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