Gr.8 Tuesday April 30

Complete your poster in preparation for the examination.

Plan your essay as below and make sure that you know any numbers or the facts you want to use for your essay.
題名  title
序論  introduction
本論  body
結論  conclusion


Gr.6 Monday April 22

Complete the sentences in the worksheet using verb.ましょう。
Then present your suggestions in the task above to people in your class.
If someone agrees with your suggestion, s/he should reply
いいですね、〜はたのしいです(おもしろいです、おいしいですetc. use appropriate adjective)
For example, いいですね、えいがはおもしろいです。みましょう!
and sign in the space next to each sentence.
If the person disagrees, s/he should reply using the pattern in the worksheet.
For example, いいえ、えいがはつまらないです。シーディーをききましょう。

Internal Examination

Internal Examination前は準備としてポスターを作ります。
Internal Examinationは、その内容についてエッセイを書きます。
Internal Examinationの後、5月にクラスでポスターの発表をします。


8年生「コンビニ弁当十六万キロの旅」Summative task-7


① フェアトレードについて
② TPPについて
③ 農薬や食の安全について
④ ファーストフードvsスローフードについて 
⑤ その他(                  )

• 作品の内容にあった魅力的な題名をつけること。
• ポスターでは、写真、図、グラフ、チャートなどを効果的に使うこと。
• 発表は3分間でポスターを使用する。(録音します。)
• 発表では、言葉の意味、提示物の説明、問題提起、「光」の部分と「影」の部分、改善策、自分の考えなどを盛り込むこと。

ポスター提出日:4月26日 (金)/発表日:5月

評価 Criteria A: Content / B: Organization / C: Style and language mechanics

Gr.9 Wednesday April 17 Jovia, Saimon and Sean

Please listen to your speech and assess yourself, write your comment in TSC I shared with you.
Please Write down how you did it and how you can improve.

Wednesday April 17 & Friday April 19
Read p111~112 and answer the questions in p113 & 114

For the Internal Examination, you will need to know the vocabulary introduced in 病気と健康 and understand the reading material in p112, write a short essay “How to stay healthy”.

Use p101 and p104 2-1 to review your vocabulary.
Make sure you can fill out the information sheet for new patients.

Gr.6 dialogue using adjectives

Now you know adjectives in Japanese.
Let’s write the dialogue using adjectives and find a partner to act it out.

◯◯さん、subject は adjectiveですか?
いいえ、adjective/negative form of adjective ですよ。
いっしょに subjectをしましょう!

For example
トム:ジョンさん、やきゅうはむずかしいですか? Hi John, is baseball diffficult ?
ジョン:いいえ、むずかしくないですよ。たのしいですよ。No it is not difficult. It’s fun.
いっしょに、やきゅうをしましょう! Let’s play baseball !
トム:いいですね。やきゅうをしましょう! Sounds good. Let’s play baseball.

After the dialogue
Write short paragraph about things you do and don’t do much. Use verbs and adjectives in Japanese.

にちようび、やきゅうをします。I play baseball on Sunday.やきゅうはたのしいです。Baseball is fun.
やきゅうのあとで、アイスクリームをたべます。After baseball, I eat ice cream.
アイスクリームはおいしいです。Ice cream is delicious.
スキーをしません。I don’t ski. スキーはむずかしいです。Skiing is difficult.
ゆきはつめたいです。Snow is cold.

Summative Task

Gr.9 Ali, Anya, Brad, and Louis

Make a short TV program (in Japanese) to interview a celebrity about their holiday.
Use the questions in p53 Genki Workbook. One of you become an interviewer and the other becomes a celebrity. You take turns.
Please video record your interview.

Beginning interviewer should introduce about the celebrity. Say what kind of movie/drama/play the celebrity is in. えいが/ドラマ/おしばい → えいが「レ・ミゼラブル」に出ているヒュー・ジャックマンさんにインタビューします。


Then greet the celebrity. Introduce yourself.

Ask questions about his/her vacation. See ①p53 Genki workbook
Add some general questions. See ②p53 Genki workbook

At the end the interviewer should thank and say goodby.

Gr.9 Week of Monday April 8 Jovia, Saimon and Sean

Jovia, Saimon and Sean  KANJI QUIZ ON WEDNESDAY lesson 9 Write Now

You are preparing a speech for a local speech contest, which is sponsored by a Japanese food maker.
Discuss at least five aspect of making healthy choices for a healthier lifestyle. Your speech needs to be two-three minute long.
Write the outline of your speech in your notebook.
Outline should include introduction and 5 aspects that you’ve chosen.
See p110 Textbook ドラえもんのどこでも日本語

KANJI QUIZ on Wednesday
Write your speech in your notebook or Genko yoshi. 2 minutes 600 characters – 3 minutes 900 characters. Prepare cue cards for your speech.

Monday April 15
practice your speech.

Tuesday April 16
Give your speech to class. Will be graded as a summative task.