Gr.9 Week of Monday April 8 Jovia, Saimon and Sean

Jovia, Saimon and Sean  KANJI QUIZ ON WEDNESDAY lesson 9 Write Now

You are preparing a speech for a local speech contest, which is sponsored by a Japanese food maker.
Discuss at least five aspect of making healthy choices for a healthier lifestyle. Your speech needs to be two-three minute long.
Write the outline of your speech in your notebook.
Outline should include introduction and 5 aspects that you’ve chosen.
See p110 Textbook ドラえもんのどこでも日本語

KANJI QUIZ on Wednesday
Write your speech in your notebook or Genko yoshi. 2 minutes 600 characters – 3 minutes 900 characters. Prepare cue cards for your speech.

Monday April 15
practice your speech.

Tuesday April 16
Give your speech to class. Will be graded as a summative task.

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