Gr.6 Friday May 10

Your party invitation cards are on the white board.

Amira, Mark, Idan, JB will read their party invitations in front of class.
Please use your laptop to video record your presentation. I will watch it later.
Use only Japanese to give information.
When someone says “もういちど いってください” you need to repeat what you have said.
When everyone in class took notes, you will ask questions in English.
Title of the party
When: Date and Time
What: to do, to eat, to drink etc.

should take notes in English
Say “もういちど いってください” when you want the speaker to repeat.
Answer the questions only when your name is called. You do not shout your answer, please.

When there is still time, worksheet is on the board. Some students (Joseph and Aner ?)
have it already.

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