Gr.9 Thursday September 11

Finish writing your poem.
Make sure to use rhetoric appropriately and effectively.
Highlight the rhetoric you used in your poem and name what they are.
Write the effect of each rhetoric you used.
Write your poem on a blank paper for final copy.
Use A3 paper from the copying machine.

Read “Tanka wo tanoshimu” p15-17
Workbook “Tanka wo tanoshimu”

Gr.8 Thursday September 11

1. Katsuzetsu renshu
2. Record your “Kisho joho” and share it with me.
3. You can practice over and over then send the best one to me.
4 Kanji quiz is postponed til next Thursday.
5 Read the poem “風の五線譜” Read it aloud.
6. Copy the poem in your notebook
7. Copy the poem in your notebook.
Identify the word which are
personification (擬人法擬人法=人間でないものを人間のように表す技法)
8 Write what you think about the poem in your notebook.

Gr.6 Thursday September 11

BOOK ! students
1. Finish recording the dialogue according to the worksheet “Let’s Record”.
2. Finish the “Obentou quiz” worksheet.
3. Obento website
Go to Unno ssensei’s blog and find Obento Homepage
Click Unit 1 then click Manga. Listen to the voice and repeat.
Click activity 1 and 2 to test your understanding of hiragana.
4 You may challenge yourself to do Unit 2 Manga. Make sure to repeat after each line.

BOOK 2 students
1.Continue reading BOOK 2 and work on your workbook as much as possible.


Tuesday September 9
Julius, Monica and Jun
Lesson 1
Talk about your family member
Ask each other questions about family member. Include name, occupation and age. Major for students.
Practice asking questions and giving answers. See p55
Workbook p13-15

Aude & Eva
Lesson 7
Te-forms for Joining Sentences
Textbook p173 & p179
Workbook p68
verb stem + に行く
Textbook p174 & p181
Workbook p69

Lesson 17
Textbook p127 & p136,137
Workbook p48-50

Textbook p125-126, p132-135
Workbook p46-47

Friday September 12
Julius, Monica and Jun
Record the dialogue in p38,39 in the text book.
Make up your own dialogue. (Include time, nationality, year, age, school, major,family)
Workbook p16-19

Aude & Eva
Counting People
Textbook p174 & p184
Workbook p70
Textbook p183
Workbook p71(Listening) and p72
Record the dialogue in p166-167

Record the dialogue in p118-119
Make your own dialogue using the vocabulary and the grammar you’ve learned in the lesson.


Wednesday September 10
Record the conversation according to the instruction in the worksheet given.
When finished work on “OBENTOO QUIZ” worksheet.
INTERMEDIATE: you are recommended to add self introduction (nationality, age, hobby, other information as you like).
When finished read Obentoo Book 2, Unit 1 “Yuki san no Karaoke party”.

Thursday September 11
Book 1, Unit 2
Asking someone do do something and responding.
Asking where someone is from and responding.

Book 2, Unit 1
Yuki san no Karaoke party
Read the cartoon in the text book.
Work on the workbook p2-4

Monday September 15

Book 1, Unit 2
Practice new hiragana & katakana in p10-12
Find as many hidden hiragana , katakana and kanji characters as you can in the picture in p12

Book 2, Unit 1
p5,11 complete the maze by writing the appropriate sentence.
p6, 13-Part B Say in Japanese what activity is being suggested and record it.
p7, 15 Read each invitation and fill in the details in English.