Gr.10 2nd Semester up to Wednesday Feb.18

Julius, June and Monica
Read p111-113 textbook, p41-44 workbook by Wednesday Feb. 4
Studay kanji p302-304 textbook, p131-132 workbook on Fri. Feb.6 Read the memo to Mom p304 and write a memo to someone in your house, telling when you will be back and whether you will have dinner at home on Monday Feb. 9
Mary’s weekend p305 on Tuesday Feb.10 and prepare for writing about your long weekend after the ski break. Wed.Feb 18

Aude and Eva
Read the report p326, write the summary in English, answer the questions in p327 by Friday Feb.6
Make a questionnaire and ask several people the questions.
Then, write a report based on the result. by Tue Feb.10
Submit your questionnaire and the report on Wednesday Feb.18

Study kanji p315-317 textbook and p121-122 wrokbook by Friday Feb.6
Read the thank you letter p319 textbook and answer the questions p318 Monday Feb 9
Read the thank you email p321 and answer the questions p320. Tuesday Feb 10
Write a thank you letter to someone. Wed. Feb.1

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