Gr.6 2nd Semester up to Feb. 11

By Feb.4
Make sure that you can do the following things.

Asking someone how many people there are in their family and you can answer when someone asks you.
Count from one person up to 10 people.
Saying who the people are in your family and ask who is in other people’s families.
Asking someone if they have any pets and you can answer when someone asks.
Recognize the words for people in the family and for pets in Unit 5.
recognize and write hiragana characters そ、つ、ぬ、の、ふ、へ、も、や、り、る、れ and ろ
recognize and write katakana character
recognize and write the kanji for one person up to 10 people.

Friday Feb,6
Finish your workbook Unit 5, write your name on the top page and turn in.

Monday Feb.9
Unit 6
Listen to the tape answer the questions in p78 textbook.
Learn the names of the pets.
Find out what pet Obento students have and their names p79

Wednesday Feb 10
Learn adjectives such as うるさい、かわいい、こわい、おおきい 
Listen to the tape and read p80 to find out the pets that some Obento students have.

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