G6 四月十七日金曜日  Friday April 17

Finish your book on Spring Break.
Practice saying those dates.
When you are ready, videotape it using Photo Booth.

Eric and Jesper
Please work on your work book.

Joseph and Imtiaz
Learn Hiragana using the hiragana flash card in Genki-Online http://genki.japantimes.co.jp/self
See below, click Hiragana 1 (あーそ), Hiragana 2 (たーほ), Hiragana 3(まーん)
フラッシュカード(Flash Cards)
Hiragana 1(あ-そ) Katakana 1(ア-ソ)
Hiragana 2(た-ほ) Katakana 2(タ-ホ)
Hiragana 3(ま-ん) Katakana 3(マ-ン)

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