G10 Making a video ビデオを作る!  June 10

Learn the new grammar, know the usage of them, then make a skit as a group, act out, record, then we will watch 3 videos in class.

Monica, Jun and Julius +Mickey Leson 6
Make a video using TE-form+kara/~mashouka
You should include tekudasai/temoiidesu/tewaikemasen/describing two activities/~kara/mashouka

Eva and Aude Lesson 10
Make a video using
comparison between two items/comparison among three or more items/adjective/noun+no/~tsumorida/adjective+naru/dokokani/dokonimo/de(by means of)

Daniel Lesson 21
Make a video using

G8 ニュースを作る 5月27日水曜日、28日木曜日−6月4日まで




ニュースのレコーディングと編集   5月28日から6月3日
皆のニュースを見てディスカッション 6月4日  


G6 Monday May 25-Friday May 29 5月25日月曜日ー29日金曜日

Imtiaz & Joseph Unit 2
Listen to the tape, practice hiragana

Akiko, Adelyn, Jaehyun, Alec, Salonee, Connor, Hayden, Awaiz
Book 1 Unit8
Practice katakana p85-86 Listen to the tape

Erik & Jesper
Book 2 Unit 6
Read p89 textbook fill in the blank 1 p82 workbook
Read Daisuke’s account of his camping trip and answer the questions in English p83 in workbook.

Imtiaz & Joseph
Unit 2 practice hiragana & katakana Workbook p10-14

Akiko, Adelyn, Jaehyun, Alec, Salonee, Connor, Hayden and Awaiz
Unit 8 practice katakana Workbook Unit 8 1-4 in p85-89

Erik & Jesper
Book 2 Unit 6 workbook p86 9 Read the passages and fill in the appropriate weather logos in the weather chart on the following page (p87)
10 p87-88 workbook Using the weather chart, write a weather report for the following cities.
16, p90 workbook Fill in the missing parts of the conversation with an appropriate word or the temperature.

For the second period, watch the video below using your computer or connect someone’s computer to the TV.

Imtiaz and Josheph
Book 1 Unit 2
Look at the worksheet BLM 1.1 p11 “Let’s record !” and record the conversation using your computer.

Akiko, Adelyn, Jaehyun, Alec, Salonee, Connor, Hayden, Awaiz
Book 1 Unit 8
Use the last two pages in your worksheet to make your menu at the restaurant BLM 8.1.
When you are don, challenge “Can you find it”
Circle the words in the katakana/katakan word maze in p58 BLM 8.4.

Erik and Jesper Book 2 Unit 6
22 p94 in workbook, find the word, circle it then write them down.
Unjumble the remaining eleven characters to reveal the hidden mesage.